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IKEA Sultan Fonnes Foam Mattress

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Good mattress


I love this mattress. I feel like I am floating on a cloud while laying down. The price is great too. Some fitted sheets will not fit well on this mattress because it's not the same thickness as a regular mattress. I use flat sheets as my bottom sheet and do hospital corners. I am not a wild sleeper so my sheets stay put. The mattress will sink a lot if you are sitting on the edge. But it's nice and quiet when you roll over. The mattress does not move at all when you are tossing and turning. I once slept on it while it was on the floor and it was very comfortable to my surprise. It holds up quite well when walking across it or even doing back flips. It holds it's shape while using as a desk when writing no sinking in. I was once ironing on the bed and I knocked the iron over and all the water spilled out. To my surprise the mattress was dry by the time I returned home to prepared for bed.




Supportive, washable, partner friendly


I've slept on a queen sized Sultan Fonnes for 2 months.  The price of the Sultan Fonnes is in the mid-range for Ikea's foam mattresses.  I found it to be supportive but also "gives" enough under hips for comfortablee side sleeping.  (My previous mattress was too firm and forced my spine out of alignment while on my side.)  I was surprised that I couldn't feel through the mattress, even when it was on top of a traditional box spring which had fewer and more widely spaced slats than the slatted bed foundations that Ikea sells.  This is likely dependent on weight though, so it would be best to test the "thinness" out in the store. A few things stand out as pros: - The foam mattress contains movement much better than a spring mattress--good for sleepers who are easily woken by partners movements.  It similarly was better for keeping trays or plates undisturbed. - The mattress comes in a roll which was small enough and flexible enough to fit in the backseat of a car. - The removable cover allows the entire mattress surface to be washed!




I LOVE our Ikea foam mattresses!


We have 3 Ikea foam mattresses! Queen Sultan Finnvik and 2 twin Sultan Fonnes mattresses and we can't say enough good about them! We searched high and low for foam mattresses with good reviews but cheaper than that of the typical well known foam mattress companies. I absolutely love that the mattresses have a zippered cover on them, very easy to remove and throw in the washer if need be, they come out looking as good as new. The only problem is the covers are required to be line dried, but drying time is very reasonable! We were pleased when we originally purchased them as they were rolled up and easily fit into our vehicle! The recommened time is 72 hours to allow them to pop back into shape but they took much less time than that! We didn't find any chemical smells with the twin mattresses but a bit of a smell with the Queen. This wasn't an issue really, not nearly as strong as some can be. It has been a year since we purchased them and they're still going strong, very well made, high quality mattresses and very happy with our purchases! We even have a Ikea foam crib mattress!


Columbia, SC


IKEA Sultan Fonnes Foam Mattress

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