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Simmons Beautyrest World Class Recharge Pillow Top Mattress

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I would like have and recommend this product again and again


Love this product


Houston tx

My New Love


This bed by far is the best bed I ever owned. I have went threw many mattresses before luckily getting this one for my honest review. So let me start by saying I didn't like the fact I received a firm one but it was still surprisingly soft and tolerable since it is still an pillow top . My back no longer hurts in the morning. Also I feel well rested when I awake since receiving it. Boy o boy there is a difference in the way my body feels . My husband uses the bathroom late night and I don't even no he's left the bed. Very, very sturdy I feel it will last a lifetime and stand up pretty good. I just love it and is very happy with it yes I have recommended to many of my friends.




I would not purchase again!!!


I purchased this mattress one year ago and it is already broke down. I bought an adjustable base the same time I bought this mattress. It has not held up at all, there is already an indent in the middle that broke down. It now feels like you are falling in a hole when trying to go to sleep. I do not recommend this mattress if your looking for something to last. I don't know whether the break down was due to the adjustable base or what, but it still should have held up better than this.




Terrible Mattress! After 2 years back pain is so bad!


I bought this mattress 2 years ago and started to sink into it right away. I was told it was because of the pillowtop and it would just take some getting used to. Fast forward 2 years and it has a huge indentation where I sleep, that you can't roll out of. I now have so much pain in my back and it has completely aggravated my siatica. How do I know it's the bed? I slept on my daughter's bed for 1 week and voila... no more pain!


Vancouver BC


Wonderful bed!


Need a good bed for a disabled back. Here's the one!! Wish I actually owned it ..I only got to sleep one one a few times. Cry when have to go back home to my bed. It's terrible. And old. :'(..




Comfortable, Durable


We've owned this mattress for about 6 years now, and so far there are no valleys or dips! I find it very firm which is what I prefer, husband says a little too firm for him. We do use a memory foam topper and we both feel comfortable. It doesn't move a lot when one person gets out or moves around. The first one we bought had a slope on on of the sides, we had to have an "independent" inspector come and take notes, pictures and write a report - I was pleasantly surprised that we had a positive response quite quickly and a replacement mattress within a week. We would consider this brand again.


Baton Rouge, LA


I would never buy another Simmons Mattress again


Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Valley Cottage Plush Pillow top Sucks! At first, it was comfortable but after 3 months it began to have impressions and the bed became softer and my body sank more and more where I slept. My lower back started hurting. Wrote to Simmons but never got a response. Don't waste your money buying a Simmons mattress they don't stand by their guarantee. Only have had the mattress 3 years and I'm unable to sleep nights. Bought a new mattress, and it's not a Simmons. Will never buy a Simmons mattress again and have told family & friends not to waste their money.


San Antonio, TX


I love this bed!


I shopped for beds at several stores, I am a cancer survivor and have scars all over that were causing problems with staying asleep. I wanted soft comfort on scar sites and was willing to spend what ever it took to get a night's sleep that actually was restful. I fell in love with the Simmons beautyrest pillowtop recharge " Brianna". I got the adjustable base and I may still be paying it off but I have never regretted it. And when it wears out I will buy another one. This is a very soft mattress that shapes itself to my body's contours. I love love love it! No tossing and turning, really restful sleep!


Hendersonville, North Carolina




Sadly we are suffering for not doing better homework and reading previous reviews. Within one week of owning the World Class mattress we noticed the hollows forming in the mattress. Within 6 days we contacted the store we purchased from and they said they would report same. The more we slept on it - the lumpier and more indentations developed. Forget sleeping anywhere you wanted - a good foot area down the center of the bed became off limits as you would want to roll back away from that area. It took over a month for "a representative working for Simmons as well as other mattress companies" to come to look at mattress. He took pictures and noted that there were threads several threads in areas that strung 12" or more before being tacked and commented he had never seen that before. So off the information went to Simmons and about another month later we get a letter in the mail from Simmons -" the mattress meets their standards of quality". Well we purchased this mattress hoping for great comfort and quickly realized within a week it was of very poor quality. We took for granted when buying a king mattress that we would have lots of area to stretch out and have wonderful restful nights. We have owned it for 9 weeks and we are basically sleeping on 2 lumpy "twin beds" that are quickly becoming "hammocks". If we don't find the specific "holes" for your shoulders, torso, etc. we are on lumps and humps. Simmons says the layers will "soften slightly as the mattress gets older". Again - this mattress is only 9 weeks old and it has already deteriorated this badly and Simmons has wiped their hands of it. Looks like Better Business Bureau will be next stop !!


Nova Scotia, Canada




This Diamond series mattress is awful. Very comfortable first 5 months, after which body sink marks appeared. Body sinks into cavities and lower back pain almost every morning. Called Simmons and complained, told me to call store. Will not replace until at least 1.5" sink marks (I have 1.25" and after less than 1 year use)...and this even after their technician said this was not normal since uneven. I can GAURANTEE you my next mattress will not be a SIMMONS...EVER!




Simmons Beautyrest World Class Recharge Pillow Top Mattress

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