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Dining Tables
IKEA Dining Tables

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Nice product





This set is so light!! Which isn't a problem until toddlers are pushing it all over the place. I also worry that the chairs might tip with boosters and kids.



Glass top shattered without warning


After about 8 years of no trouble (other than glass requires more cleaning than wood), the table top shattered one evening on it's own when no one was near it. The room temperature was 65F, very little was on the table. Another web news piece on this very tabletop shattering quoted an expert noting that a microscopic impurity during production can cause the glass to shatter at any time. Very scary.


Palo Alto, CA


great items


Overall I really like IKEA dining tables. I love the one that I have in my living room at the moment. There are several different models so you really get a wide variety of products to choose from. One of the great things about IKEA is that they create a system of products. What I mean by this is that you have a model series and then they also have accommodating little pieces. For example they might have casters for certain set and they might also have stands for a certain set. In regards to a dining table set, there may be chairs that fit really well and are suggested for use with a certain table, and there may also be a dining table set like silverware and other things that go on top of that dining table for a certain set. This allows you to really furnish your home with matching items and with an aggregate look that really looks stylish and sophisticated.


Los Angeles, CA


hard to rival


IKEA is known for her fantastic products. They now make dining tables in America as good as her other products. You can be assured of a high quality and competitive pricing that they usually deploy. It is hard to comment on such a broad topic since IKEA makes more than one type of dining table. But the one that I currently have right now is fantastic. Assembly was pretty much nonexistent and is held up quite well. Cleaning up on the IKEA dining table is not different from any other dining table. You simply get a washcloth warm water and some salt if you want to disinfect an area. I have seen no discolorization or any other kind of damage from cleaning up the IKEA table. For the money that you spend on IKEA dining table, it is very hard to beat.


Monrovia, CA


Ikea dining tables- Great selection, economical & practical.


Ikea has a great selection of dining tables.  They are affordable too.  I currently have two Ikea tables.  I have the one where it attaches to the wall and the other one folds on both sides with three drawers on each side.  They have so many different uses for them.  The one with the drawer, for example, I added wheels to the bottom of the legs so that I can roll it away when not in use.  Ikea has different size wheels available. And, the drawers are of good size for storage for placemats, silverware, etc. You can at least sit approximately six persons at the table.  The other table that attaches to the wall folds down when not in use, so it is also out of the way.  I have more space for other things.  Ikea is definitely the authority on organization and space.  They offer tables in different styles and colors for any decor as well as different sizes from small tables to larger tables. 


Lutz, FL


IKEA Dining Tables

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