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IKEA Bjursta Dining Table

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Not Good


After only 1 year of light use the veneer finish is bubbling.Really like the design and functionality of the table and had more faith in their quality but I guess I'll have to think twice before buying anything there again.


sherwood park,alberta


Don't plan on using it without a cover


I bought this because I needed a table that could expand for big parties. That it does easily and well but forget doing homework on it or writing of any sort without a thick magazine under it.. It shows every little mark.. We also put a table cloth down every time we eat because the wood shows water marks quickly and warps fast. It's not worth the money. Spend a little bit more and buy something made from real wood that will last. I'm done trying with IKEA. It's always a temporary fix and I'm sick of being part of a disposable lifestyle mentality. Quality from now on.. Even if I have to save for it.


New York


Great style and functionality, overall poor quality...


I must generally disagree with the other reviews on this site that refer to this table (and I referred to this site before purchasing my table). I purchased the round version of the Bjursta six months ago. Today, it has bubbles under the surface. We do have children, and there have been occasional spills, but we're always prompt to wipe them up. While the surface finish has been resilient, the lack of an airtight seal before liquid gets to the particle board creates a significantly sub-par product. Style = A-minus, assembly = solid A, size and design = A-, quality and longevity = F.




perfect starter table!


I bought the Bjursta table from Ikea in black-brown and am so completely satisfied. It was a great value for the price. A drawback is that it's self-assembly, but it was very easy to put together and feels well-constructed. I'm always concerned with self-assembly pieces but this table feels solid. I have a two-person apartment household, so size mattered! The minimum length is 35 3/8" (max. length: 66 1/8") with a width of 35 3/8". The table stands 29 1/8". I wasn't quite ready to commit to a formal dining table but was sick of eating off the coffee table. This is the absolute perfect size for two, with room to grow! It has two pull-out leaves to expand for an occasional larger party and they lay seamlessly for everyday use. I think with the leaves fully extended you could comfortably seat up to 6 people. The lacquer finish makes it a snap to clean without polish. The design is simple but doesn't look cheap. It's understated, but stylish enough to want it in the house. It's perfect for a young household or someone just starting out - college students or a young couple. Not recommended for small children - it's fairly easy to ding.


Orlando, FL


IKEA Bjursta Dining Table

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