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IBM THINKPAD X201 I5-520M 2.4G 2GB 250GB 12.1-WXGA BT BFP W7P CAM (3626FBU) PC Notebook

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Decent laptop for everyday


It's a sturdy laptop that will keep ticking even when the battery has long died, as in my case. It's great for everyday use but if you need a laptop for gaming or to load up with high memory programs you should steer clear. It's performance is reasonable as long as you are reasonable with it, it's not top of the line but it's affordable and it got me through the first years of college so it's reliable and it's word processing abilities are excellent. The integrated programs and hardware devices are easy to find and easy to use. I would recommend it to a college student, someone who needs to take notes, or someone who needs an affordable laptop with some limitations. Ease of Use Very easy to use Battery Life Not great, the battery will die on you sometimes. Support & Service Not good. Speed/Performance Decent Design Nice and simple Durability Very sturdy



Hardy laptop


This laptop is worth every bang of your buck. I bought this throught the ibm employee purchase program 7 years ago and and it still doign a fantastic job. the battery though is a little old and dies sooner now. The hardware is very relaible , the customer service is poor and not easily approachable. The color choice in the model I bought was very limited so are the sizes. The screen does not cause any eye strain and i use this thing for hours at a time. I love this laptop.

Urbana, IL


IBM THINKPAD X201 I5-520M 2.4G 2GB 250GB 12.1-WXGA BT BFP W7P CAM (3626FBU) PC Notebook

4.5 2