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Iams Dry Dog Food - Senior Formula

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Itchy Scratchies


All three of my dogs - one pit bull and two chihuahuas - have dry, itchy skin. This dog food helps relieve this problem. This food helps prevent the dogs from scratching and knawing so hard that they cause more skin problems like increasing the chances for infection. It is easily eaten by the large dog as well as the two small dogs. It is readily available in the stores where I regularly shop.

Salisbury, NC


Good Dogs deserve good food.


    Keeping my dog healthy and happy is very important to me. I choose the best quality food I can find for him. I also want a dog food I can easily find at a local store. Iams has several different formulas so I can always find the right food for my dog. If you aren't sure how to tell if a dog food is good for your dog then learn to read the nutrition & ingredient labels.

Miamisburg, OH


I Love Jill and that is why I only feed her Iams Senior Formula


I own a Shit zu named Jill she is 11 years old, I got her 5 .5 years ago and her owners had raised her on Iams for 1 + years, we realized she was going older, slower so we switched her to Iams Senior about a year ago and it seems to make her feel good. I love my dog and only want what is best for her.

Hessmer, LA


Iams for older dogs


I have been in the dog world since 1974.  I've groomed dogs, bred dogs, showed dogs and now I have a rescue dog as my companion.  During all that time I have never been disapointed by any Iams product I have used.  Since both me and my dog are in our senior years,  The right diet is very important and for that reason I will feed him nothing but Iams senior.  It is balanced for those older dogs who need a good food, that tastes good and is good for him.  My dog is a Min Pin and needs the smaller mini size.  Any time I have needed a special diet Iams has always had what I needed.  I know its a bit more pricey than some, but worth every cent.  I believe that a dogs health is as important as mine and Iams is the best.  Oh yeah, there are some that cost more, the you get what you pay for doesn't rule sure dose not apply here.  Most of those are empty claims and can even cost as much as twice what Iams.  The fact that those others cost more dose not mean that they are better than Iams and are often not fit for a human to eat let alone the pet you share your life with. 

Howland, ME


Only Iams Dry Dog Food Senior Formula for Our Old Gal


Our pack of Pointers and Dachshunds range from 2 yrs to 9 yrs. All of our kids only eat Iams dog food from the time they come into our family pack. Our oldest girl just turned 9 yrs old.  She loves her** Iams Dry Dog Food Senior Formula**. Everyone especially her vets are constantly commenting about her condition. Her eyes are clear her coat is shiny and she has the energy to keep up with the youngest pups in the family. The most important thing to us is that her health has been wonderful and she has maintained her girlish figure!  We can only give the credit to the Iams Dry Dog Food Senior Formula. We purchase **Iams Dry Dog Food Senior Formula** about twice a month and she seems to know when it's in the car and ready to be brought it! We are most impressed with the quality ingredients and if this economy keeps going the way it is we wouldn't think twice about joining our "Princess Gray Face" at meal time. Hey Iams has kept *her* healthy it surely wouldn't hurt us :-) **Iams Dry Dog Food Senior Formula is the dog food that she will eat for the rest  of her life.**

Polk City, FL


Iams Dry Dog Food - Senior Formula

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