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Hotpoint Freestanding Gas Range

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I bought this stove originally because I was looking for something simple, decent price range, and black to match other new kitchen appliances for a remodeled kitchen. We are Sicilian and tend to do a lot of at home cooking, but found this stove to be more of a hassle than a help. I noticed that any time we would bake one side would be more done than the other, plus cleaning the inside of the oven is extremely hard since it is hard to get to the back, top and corners, even with oven cleaner. The rubber covering the oven door starts to pop off its hooks making it hard to place it back without wasting a good portion of your day. The gas burners and grates are decent but get clogged up and damages quickly even though I deep clean at least once a week. In all, if you are constantly cooking like me I would splurge for a self cleaning oven since this one is too time consuming and difficult to clean all the small nooks and crannies, does not last long and oven has irregular temperatures .

Milwaukee, WI


Cheap and chintzy


Chosen by my landlord to replace our 20-year old GE range, I am not happy with this range.  I know it was cheap and that's why he chose it. It gets very hot to the touch when the oven is in use - the top, sides, and front.  The burner grates are chintzy and I foresee them breaking easily.  But I guess when he has to replace it in 3 years, it's not my problem.  If I were buying a range, I would spend a little more to get better quality.

Colden, NY


Hotpoint Freestanding Gas Range

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