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Horizon Fitness
Horizon Fitness Treadmill

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It is very good for those who have work and can not go to the gym they can exercise at home and reduce weight



This is one of the best purchases I have ever made!


I love my Horizion RST 5.6.  It is very comfortable to work out on even at a heavier weight.  I love that it has different work outs to chose from and that you can control your workout manually.  My favorite is an interval workout that changes from slower to faster speeds.  As you get more fit, you can chose a higher level to each workout.   You can also ensure that you are working out a level that is appropriate for you by checking your heart rate on the pulse rate handles located on the treadmill.  The display clearly tells you how fast you are going, how much time you have left on your workout, your incline level, and how many calories you have burned (if you weigh 150lbs).  It is an easy formula to compute how many calories you have burned based on your own weight.  The treadmill goes much faster and has a much higher incline then I can handle so it allows plenty of room for growth of my fitness level.  The only negative thing I have to say about it, is it is very heavy and difficult to move, however I certainly wouldn't trade it for another one if given the chance.

Spencer, MA


Horizon Fitness Treadmill

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