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Hoover Duros Power Nozzle Canister Vacuum

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one of the best I have used in years.. :)


Love Love Love it. Easy to use . I prefer canister to upright because it is easy to get under furniture. Maneuverability It maneuvers easily. Ease of Maintenance Very easy to maintain Suction Performance As long as you keep up with emptying the bag as needed. Versatility Exellent. Design I love it easy to use and store's nicely standing on end. Durability great.I have bumped many times,even dropped down the stair's once or twice.



The Hoover S3590 has too much bulk for the buck


I purchased the Hoover S3590 because of the suction power it advertised.  The vacuum cleaner's performance is pretty good...I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars...but it's convenience leaves much to be desired.  It's heavy, probably a good 15lbs., and BULKY!  The hose is long, which is good, but the shaft is also long, which makes it awkward to move around tight spaces.  I never had a cannister vacuum before so I didn't know what to expect.  I found that having to drag that cannister around after you is also very awkward.  I am constantly banging it into furniture and walls, it gets wedged in corners and I have to stop vacuuming just to get it out, which makes the chore that much more time consuming.  Thankfully I don't have stairs because if I did this review would probably be even worse.  As for it's attatchments, they are pretty decent.  It comes with 2 hose attatchments, one for corners, and a brush.  There is a power booster button to use with the brush, which I really like, and when you take the shaft off to use the attatchments the vacuum is much easier to handle, but who can vacuum their whole house on their hands and knees? Not me so that is why I give the Hoover S3590 Bagged Cannister Vacuum 2 out of 5 stars.  I will not purchase another cannister vacuum, that's for sure!

Greenwood, SC


Hoover Duros Power Nozzle Canister Vacuum

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