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Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co.
Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co. Salonpas HOT Capsicum Patch

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Best packs for relieving pain


I really like the hot packs and patches for pain relief. I used to buy the capsicum cream. It was the only thing that would help my aching shoulder. The problem is, the cream was so strong and hot, even through gloves it would get on my hands, and it seemed that no matter how much I washed them, I still got the cream elsewhere. Even once in my eye. It made it very difficult to use the cream. These are a lifesaver. The Salonpas patches with the same active ingredient as the cream really come in handy. They are a pretty good size, too. I am able just to open the patch, and stick it on my shoulder without any issues. IT covers the whole area, and lasts at least eight hours. Its amazing. And completely mess free.

Crocker, MO


Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co. Salonpas HOT Capsicum Patch

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