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Hill's Prescription Diet
Hill's Prescription Diet l/d Canine Hepatic Health Dog Food

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Hill LD, Expensive but worth it!


We were given a can of Hill's Prescription Diet LD after taking our Maltese to the veterinarian for unexplained vomiting.  Poor little guy could not keep anything down when he ate, and we thought, due to his advanced age that something bad was going on.  Turns out that they found cysts on his liver that ended up being benign, however the vet advised us we needed to switch his dog food so his liver stayed healthy.  We previously were on a different veterinarian prescribed bagged dog food, which was very expensive.  The L/D we were given was cheaper than the other dog food and came in a can.  Our dog has a lot of problems with his teeth so this soft food was a welcomed sight for him!  The first night we gave it to him, he ate it with no problem.  In fact, being the picky eater that he usually is, we were shocked that he licked the bowl and wanted more.  When we returned to the vet a month after having him on the L/D diet, we were given fantastic news that the liver appeared to be healthier (the lab work showed it was functioning correctly).  We would highly recommend this dog food to help your pet's health improve when directed by a veterinarian.

Keller, TX


Hills Prescription Diet works great and my puggle loves it


Hills Prescription Diet was suggested by my Veterinarian for my puggle. My puggle was overweight, even in my eyes. I went to the Veterinarian specifically to ask how do I get my puggle back to the weight that he needs to be. He was just over two years old. He weighed in at forty-two pounds. He looked fat to me and to my friends. The Veterinarian asked me what I had been feeding him. I told her that I fed him different types of dog food. Some dry food and some wet food as well as treats. I told her that I did not feed him food from the table. She told me to start using Hills Prescription Diet as a dry food and to cut back on the amount of wet food. I started walking him about two miles per day as well, even though he was getting plenty of exercise by running in the yard. I started using Hills Prescription Diet and the puggle started losing weight almost immediately. He has lost five pounds and I continue to use Hills Prescription Diet as his main food. He has maintained that thirty-seven pound weight for over a year now. This food is great and he loves the taste of it. Just awesome!

Aurora, OH


Hill's Prescription Diet l/d Canine Hepatic Health Dog Food

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