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Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty kt5211 Toaster

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We use this toaster almost every day!


My daughter received this as a gift a couple years ago and we use it 3-4 times per week. She and I are HUGE Hello Kitty fans and we both have A LOT of H.K. merchandise/memorabilia in every room of our home, so why would the kitchen be any different, right? LOL Anyway, the toaster has worked great every since she got it, however we don't use it past the #2 setting, otherwise, whatever we are toasting gets burned. Once you find out what setting works for you then you know how long is too long to leave your bread or whatever in it. I like the fact that it has 7 different settings to choose from, but I don't understand why they even made a setting past 3 since anything beyond that gets over-toasted (if that is even a word...lol). I do appreciate the wider slots for bagels, and also the "bagel setting" so that it only toasts the bagel on the side facing the direction of the coils. It is pretty easy to clean since it has the removable crumb tray on the bottom (as do most toasters these days). I just dump the crumbs out of the tray and then I also tip the toaster completely over and tap any lose crumbs out into the trash can. The "cool-touch" exterior works well and the toaster doesn't get hot at all, even immediately after use. I can't ever really make out the Hello Kitty image on the toast that I make, but then again I like my bread lightly toasted so I don't really give it a chance to do so.

Glen Allen, VA


I LOVE this toaster


Let me stat by saying this toaster is so very cute and fashionable. It was also very affordable so i could not pass up on it. I loved the design. Most people my might think i am crazy when i say i am in love with my cute toaster but it is the absolute truth. It is amazing it has even heating so your toast is all the way toasted, and i love the hello kitty image that is put onto the bread it is just way too adorable.

Houston, Texas


Cute Gag Gift


I bought this Hello Kitty toaster for my sister since she is infatuated with Hello Kitty. I was quite surprised with the price of this toaster, as its price tag rivaled those of the well known (and well working) toasters. We used this toaster initially for "special" events but when ours broke it became the household toaster. While it works well for those "special events", using it as an everyday item is something I would not recommend. Not only did the toaster take twice as long to toast, but it also left the top of the bread hanging out of the toaster. It only features two spots for your toast, so if you need to toast more than two pieces of toast, you will end up waiting a while. While the pattern was cute, the lever sometimes wouldn't catch so you would have to press down the lever repeatedly to get it to stay down. As for the toaster itself, it lasted two months before breaking on us. As a cute little gift for a huge Hello Kitty fan, I would recommend it, but if you actually plan to use a toaster even a few times a week I would not recommend this based on the price and quality of this product.

Millville, New Jersey


Hello Kitty Toaster!!


If you are a Hello Kitty fan like I am, you will LOVE this toaster. It works great for a cheaper branded toaster you wouldn't think would actually work! I would recommended this toaster to Hello Kitty Fans! Toasting Evenness If you want a regular toasted bread/ bagel it works very well. If you want a branded "Hello Kitty Print" on your toast, you practically have to burn it. I tried to get the print on it once but it didn't work due to the fact I didn't want bread that was completely burnt. Safety The Hello Kitty Safety features I would say are average for a toaster. I wouldn't recommend this to be used for young children without adult supervision. Ease of Cleaning This is an average type cleaning on a toaster. It has a crumb tray for you to help clean it up which is very helpful. Durability We haven't had any problems with the durability of this toaster. Surprisingly, it seems to be made better than most of the more expensive toasters out there. Design Besides the Hello Kitty printed bread part of the toaster I would say it has a good design, and we are very happy with it.

Brookville, OH


Not A bad Toaster for making Cute toast


My daughter and I were shopping, and she spotted the Hello Kitty Toaster on clearance at a local store and begged to have it. The price was pretty low, so I went ahead and picked it up. We got it home and my daughter had to immediately try it out. The toaster is rather small, which is fine, it doesn't take up a huge amount of space on the counter. It is only a 2 slice toaster which has its own pros and cons. I do like that the controls for cooking are located on the front of the toaster along with the Hello Kitty face. We really only use this toaster for toast and toaster strudels, so I can't rate it on terms of bagels or english muffins. But the toast cooks up nice and even, and as long as you are using a decent piece of bread, the Hello Kitty will usually show up pretty nicely on the bread. It doesn't come out as well on the toaster strudel, but that was to be expected. Over all this is a decent toaster for making cute toast for your kids. I wouldn't want it as my main or only toaster as it is only a 2 slice, but it works fine, and seems durable. We have had it for some time now and it is still working great.

Stevensville, MI


For your Hello Kitty fan!


This is by far the cutest idea for a toaster I have ever seen! My daughter just loves Hello Kitty so when I saw this I had to get it. The look on her face when I made her toast with Hello Kitty on it was priceless. It actually works very well, the toaster toasts the bread everywhere except where the cutout for the face is. It looks like Hello Kitty on the toast, not distorted or sloppy looking. You can also do a lot with the toaster other than normal toast too. It does have slots wide enough and the setting to make bagels. It also has a removable crumb tray for easy clean up. Toasting Evenness Toasts bread very evenly. Safety Outside of toaster stays cool to the touch. Always unplug the toaster before removing your toast for extra safety. Ease of Cleaning It comes with a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. Durability So far so good! Has held up well to many uses. Design This toaster is adorable! It's small enough to store in a cabinet or leave out on the counter.



Cute But Far From Perfect


I got the Hello Kitty Toaster as a gift; someone assumed that I was a Hello Kitty collector because I had a couple of Sanrio items around the house. This is a two-slot toaster that will leave a Hello Kitty image on the toast; what you see on the toast when it comes out of the toaster isn't always perfect so don't expect every piece to be perfect. The controls for this are on the front of the toaster so it is a little easier to adjust the shade (depending on the thickness of the bread you are using) than toasters that have the controls on the side. You can toast bagels in this but you aren't going to get an 'even' toast to it so take that into consideration when you are considering purchasing this. It does help to use the bagel setting so that you can get more of it toasted but after about six months of use that feature doesn't work all that well. This is a little hard to keep clean because it is mostly white; if you have it near your stove you need to clean it often to prevent dirt and grease from building up on it. Likewise, if you have younger kids you need to stress that this isn't a toy and they should not play with it. I strongly suggest that you unplug it when you are not using it in case they decide to put something in it. This isn't something that I would have purchased but because I received it as a gift I felt obligated to have it out on the counter and use it. It was nice to have when I was making breakfast or toasting bread for a sandwich but if you are making breakfast for more than one person it gets tedious to make two pieces of toast at a time. About a year after I got this the lever that operates the up and down function for the toast started to wear out. You would push it down and it wouldn't stay down. That was the end of the toaster but I was happy that it lasted a year. Toasting Evenness Depends on the thickness of the bread.



Hello Kitty kt5211 Toaster

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