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Hefty EZ Ovenware

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Hefty EZ Ovenware is a big disappointment!!


Whenever I need to take brownies or a cake to either an office party or a family function, I normally get the disposable foil pans to make the dessert in. I didn't have any foil pans for an office party this past week, so I stopped on my way home to pick up some foil pans.  The store I went to didn't have the foil pans, but they had the Hefty EZ Ovenware instead.  This was the first time I had used this product and also the last. I made the brownies before getting ready for work.  While I was getting ready, I noticed a smell coming from the kitchen.  The smell was kind of like wax melting.  The pans have a wax like coating as a reinforcement.  You can't put them directly on the oven rack (they will start to burn), use a cookie sheet under the pans.  You aren't supposed to have more than 1 in the oven at a time.  The lids don't fit on the pans at all.  They are not sturdy to transport.  I had put the pans on the backseat of the car in a box.  The lids popped off when I turned a corner since they don't fit. I will NOT be using these pans again.  I will go back to using the foil pans that have fitting lids.

Belleville, IL


Hefty EZ Ovenware

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