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Healthy Times
Healthy Times Grandma's Turkey Dinner

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I would buy this product again and again


Nice product.


An organic baby food that's very similar to Earth's Best.


I normally only buy Earth's Best organic baby food, but I came across **Healthy** **Times** Premium Organic Baby Food at my local health food store so I decided to give it a try.  I am definitely impressed with the quality of ingredients when compared to the Earth's Best ingredient label.  I compared two similar baby foods: Healthy Times - Grandma's Turkey Dinner and Earth's Best - Vegetable Turkey Dinner.  The Healthy Times listed "filtered water" as the third ingredient compared to Earth's Best in which "water" is the first ingredient.  Below I will list the entire ingredient labels for your review: **Healthy Times: **organic baby carrots, organic apples, filtered water, organic turkey, organic wild rice. **Earth's Best: **water, organic apples, organic carrots, mechanically separated organic turkey**, **organic whole barley flour.  **The Scoop!** I think both brands of organic baby food are superior to the non-organic baby food on the market.  I will still buy both brands even though it appears that the Earth's Best baby food is a little more watered down than **Healthy** **Times** baby food.  

Camp Lejeune, NC


Healthy Times Grandma's Turkey Dinner

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