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Hasbro Transformers Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet

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Love this helmet!


We love this toy! Though a bit large and bulky for him, it's fit my 3 year old nephew all the way up to my child-at-heart husband. The adjustable strap makes it easy to change depending on who wants to use it, and it's simple enough for young children to get the hang of. The assembly is very minimal, which I am always a fan of as a parent. The details are pretty spot on and the voice changer is a hit, picking up even small sounds and amplifying them quite well. It's held up to some pretty rough play from my very hands on boys and is still in tact. While it does require 3 double A batteries, they are at least included initially which can be a big help to get you started. Overall I'm very happy with this toy, and both my son and my husband really love it as well. Well worth the price we payed for it to get hours and hours of play out of a toy instead of having it lay around forgotten once the novelty wears off.




"Autobots transform and roll out"!


The best transformers role play toy ever! The toy makes you sound like the Autobot leader Optimus Prime with phrases from the Transformers movie.it also has the classic transformation noise and it has really good detail. it is also great for Halloween because it is a mask. I think this mask is an awesome toy for kids of all ages! I have had my transformer mask for several years and have used it many times for role play and as part of a costume. This last Halloween, I bought a transformer costume from Party City and the mask it came with was a little cheesy. I used my Transformer Optimus Prime Voice changer helmet instead and it was an awesome addition to my costume! This mask is actually quite comfortable to wear and so realistic looking! I am very impressed with the sound effects of this mask and would give it a thumbs up overall in all categories. Transform and roll on out to the store to get your own Optimus Prime helmet! Trust me, you won't regret it!




Transformers Voice Changer Helmet Provides Short Lived Fun


We actually have two of the Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmets and one Bumblebee Voice Changer Helmet. The Optimus Prime helmet has three different modes; each mode is activated by the push of a button. - Voice Changer mode is pretty cool. When in this mode, any voice is broadcast to sound like Optimus Prime. - Optimus Prime mode. Push the button and hear Optimus Prime saying a popular phrase such as "I am Optimus Prime". - Transformer mode. In this mode, push the button to hear transforming sounds. The helmet can be adjusted to fit a toddler all the way up to an adult. For my boys (aged 6 and 5), it was love at first sight. Twenty minutes later, they were completely bored. Two years later, the helmets are still collecting dust on the shelf. I might add, these helmets are not easily stored. The helmets can't been hung up like hats, they don't stack and they aren't small. In fact, the kids complained the helmets are too heavy/big/bulky/uncomfortable.


Aurora, IL


outstanding fun!


the optimus prime voice changing helmet by hasbro is so much fun! my boys had seen this at a friends house and couldnt put it down! so they came to show me and it is really cool! it has a couple options, you can talk like optimus prime with its pre programmed words or you can put on voice changing options and talk and it transforms your voice like optimus prime! now they do not make these anymore i do not think, only been able to find bumblee ones but my son loves optimus prime the most, however i was able to find several of them on ebay. its not too heavy either so it doesnt hurt their heads.. it has a back strap to help it stay on the head. you can see through the eyeholes , etc. It really is fun for big people and kids. its the hit of playdates. hasbroo really outdid themselves with this product, not sure why they are not sold in toy stores anymore.. transformers are sitll popular, arent they?!?!


Marion, NC




I got this toy for x-mas for my son. I send him to bed took out all the small pieces that my little girl would get in to and got to play with it for a bit. All I got to say is I wish they had this when I was a kid. Because this toy fun, great, and durable.  The voice changing make you sound just like Optimus Prime and it also has three line from the movie. You might want to buy one for yourself.


Colton, CA


Hasbro Transformers Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet

4.4 5