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Haier Pint Dehumidifier

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Haier's 65 Pint Dehumidifier Works Perfectly


Our basement is very wet. It doesn't really have a leak, but it definitely retains a lot of moisture. This moisture would cause a mildew smell to permeate our house, especially in the summer and spring time. This is why we decided to give the Haier 65 Pint Dehumidifier HD656E a try. I am happy to report that we've had it for 4 years and it has worked perfectly. We no longer have that musty smell in our basement and it seems noticeably drier during the spring and summer. This dehumidifier also holds a ton of water so you don't have to worry about dumping it out all the time (though we now have it set up so it drains in to the drain for our washing machine). The only slight complaint that we had when we first got it was that it would freeze up periodically. We solved this problem by putting a fan nearby to keep the air moving. I would certainly recommend this for anyone having a humidity problem in their home.


Grand Rapids, MI


great product


living in kentucky and having humid summers and this year having lots of rain have made this an absoulte must have for my walk out basement. I can't stand to have an kind of mold in my basement.. seems in the past that I've always had just a bit and I know it's not good for anyone to breathe. and since my son was diagonsed with asthma and is allergic to all kinds of stuff mold being one I have found a huge dislike for mold. we got this and love how it seemed almost instant the difference it made in our basement. we went back and forth because we just didn't want to spend the money but now it's money that is well spent for our health and esp our son's health and that is something we could never put a price on. we leave it on the smart dry setting and find that we have to empty the bucket a couple of times a day...yes it's that humid down there...I'd hate to think what would be growing down there after the past couple of weeks with having over 8 inches of rain yuk....




I love my Haier Dehumidifier!


I absolutely love my Haier Dehumidifier, quite indeed! My favorite part is how quiet it is: you won't even notice that it's in the room, which is definitely a great plus for me! It is very high quality as well, so that's always good. It's definitely easy to use as well: filling it is very simple, and its overall maintence is very easy as well. I purchased it on sale for a very good price, so keep a look out for that. A combination of great price, maintanence, and quality is always very effective. It's so quiet that it's almost like it's not there, so that's just spectacular! I just love this product. Please do yourself a favor and buy this if you are ever in need of a dehumidifier! You will thank yourself later on in the road, I promise!


Brea, CA


Economical choice for a dehumidifier


We have been so pleased with our Haier HD656E Dehumidifier that we actually own three of them now. It's a great value for the price, and with a huge basement like ours, we needed at least two of them to keep that musty smell away. It is very well made, no cheap plastic here! And it's very conveniently designed to make emptying the water simple and easy. The display is easy to read, and best of all, there is no annoying, loud, droning humming noise! We've owned several different models in the past, and none of them have been as quiet (dare I say pleasant?) to own and operate as this Haier. It's a no-frills appliance, it does exactly what we need it to do, without any frivilous extras that we really don't want to pay for!


Longmeadow, MA


Not too loud


This Humidifier Seems to be working well because I am emptying a lot of water from the resevour. The other way Is that I can feel the area being less humid throughout the day. The Humidifier Is white and fits well into a corner and is not much of an eyesore which is nice. the Machine is a little large but for its size it works well. I like that it has an autoturn off, when the water gets full. The last thing you want is waking up in the morning and finding that the water is all over the floor. The machine also has a hose port in the back of the bucket that can be used to just have the water drain right out into a drain. We have another one in the basement and the water goes rightinto a dreain so we dont have to mess with emptying the water. The unit has good humidity setting moslty this is just a timer for how long the machine will last I am not sure if it has a air sensor to check for humidy or not. Seems like its more of a timer and it runs less on the lower setting and runs more on the higher settings.


Moorhead, MN


Haier Pint Dehumidifier

5.0 5