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Steam Mops
HAAN Upright Steam Mop SI35

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No more mopping; I love it!


Love my Haan Slim and Light! I've never had a steam mop before, and I'm loving the ease with which I can clean my bare floors! Love that there are no chemicals involved -- I use distilled water, although you don't have to, just to minimize calcification. Maneuverability Light and easy to carry. Gets harder to push when the pad gets saturated, but just change out (I highly recommend getting extra pads). The top doesn't swivel, but it's narrow enough to go most places I need it to. Suction Performance This is misleading . . . it's a steam cleaner, not a vacuum, and there is no suction involved. Versatility I have ceramic tile and linoleum floors, and it works great for both. It's also supposed to work on any other sealed bare floors, such as laminate and hardwood. Design It really is light. Has a long cord which is nice because I can plug it in once and clean my whole kitchen. The reservoir for the water pops in and out easily, and the pads are easy-on easy-off with wide velcro strips.


Bellevue, NE


This Haan Steam Cleaner changed my cleaning habits!


I do not like to mop, in fact, I do not like to clean at all.  I put it off and usually have a bigger mess to deal with cleaning up as a result.  I have tried all the new and improved mops over the years as they have come out, but have never really been plese with what i was using.  Once my kids were born and I had infants in the floor I realized how little I liked reusing the same mop head for long periods of time.  I found myself spending a fortune that we did not have on new mop heads alot more frequently than I ever had and probably more than was necessary.  The smell of the chemical bothered me, my husband and the kids.  I worried about them getting on the wet floor and the chemicals hurting them.  The chemicals always left a strong odor in the house that seemed to linger forever.  For Christmas both my husband and my mother got me steam cleaners (clearly a hint I should clean more often).  I was going to keep my husbands of course because I did not want to hurt my mom's feelings but my five year old pointed out I had gotten two.  My mom told me she could not return hers and she would give to my sister in law if I wanted to try them both out and decide which one I liked best.  The Haan blew the other one away easily.  I heated more quickly.  It covered more floor space with a single filling with a smaller resevoir and made the process go quickly.  I could see the Haan cleaning better as I slid it across the tiles.  It left less dirty streaks as the pad for the Haan picked up the dirt and grim more effeciently than the other machine.  It did not leave the same odor and I had to change the pad leass frequently.  Cleaning the pads was amazingly easy and did not contribute to additional waste by being disposable or additional cost by need to replace after each use.  The power cord is plently long enough to move around my entire kitchen without having to move from outlet to outlet during the process.  I fully expected to have to use a cleaner as well as the Haan Steamer but it has not been an issue at all.  The high temperature of the steam cuts threw the worst of my kids messes.  It always seemed like immediately after I finished mopping and the mop had dried something sticky would be spilled leaving a sticky mess no matter how hard I tried until the next time I mopped.  With the Haan I can immediately grab it, heat it up in 30 seconds and clean up the sticky so that it is cleaned up.  I feel confident that my floor is clean and sanitized!


Canton, NC


Gets the job done


The Haan SI-35 Upright Steam Cleaner Vacuum definitely gets the job done. It's not the fanciest or the most heavy-duty steam cleaning vacuum that you'll ever find, but it definitely cleans well. In open, easy access areas, it will provide a very effective job at cleaning. However, it is not particularly good at cleaning problematic or difficult to reach areas. That means if you're trying to clean underneat cabinets, behind furniture, near edges, it can be tough to maneuver. It also doesn't do corners very well either and deep grooves are especially problematic. With deep grooves, however, most vacuums will not do a good job in this area either. For most people and especially busy people, it has the advantage of being quick to heat up. You can turn it on and get started in no time at all. Bottom Line: Gets the job done and does a pretty good job.


Alhambra, CA


Haan SI-35 Upright Steam Cleaner Vacuum


Haan SI-35 Upright Steam Cleaner Vacuum is great. As with a lot of our purchases the past two years, we had never heard of this brand before we bought the vacuum cleaner. But I must tell you that it is awesome. It is a wonderful vacuum cleaner. We like the way it is a steam vacuum cleaner, too. But I must inform you that even though I am giving this product four stars, we do not like the fact that's it is small. We wish that it were bigger. Also, the power cort is very short, and it does not get into corners. Many who own this say that their cleaning time has doubled since using this product. We'll have to agree, but we think the job that it does on the main area is awesome and outweighs the double cleaning time. Recommended.


Shelby, NC


This really works


I have been looking to buy a steam mop for sometime. I read about this Haan product and it appeared promising. I was just ecpecting it to give an decent job, but it really surprised me. I really like the way it cleaned the floor. I mainly needed it for the Kitchen floor, It just left the floor clean and fresh. For those you have not tried the steam mop, you are really missing. It makes cleaning a lot easier and quick. I can finally get the cleaning done in less time and still get the feel that feeling of clean floor that i used to after hours of cleaning. I would definitely recommend to all ou moms who just cant keep the floor clean enough for long, this even better as its cleaning without chemicals!


Harrisburg, PA


Have to give the Haan an average.


I like the concept of this steam cleaner, but there are just too many drawbacks to me just really liking it. First of all it takes longer than I think it should for it to heat up and then when you are done cleaning it takes a really long time for it to cool down too. The next point would be that it has a short power cord. I have really large rooms and have to stop and plug in across the room once I get going. Also, it does not do a very good job getting into the corners of my rooms either and I have to spend more time cleaning the corners. Now for the pros there are some. I love that it sanitizes my floors and does seem to do a good job at that. Also, I really like that i do not have to use chemicals and it still feels so clean.


Logansport, IN


The Haan is amazing


Wow I am in love with this vacuum. It is very light and very cute and super easy to use. This thing is very easy to assemble so you'll be using it to clean your house in no time. The vacuum works pretty well around my house. I have wooden floors downstairs and carpet in my bedrooms and it cleans them very efficently and throughly. It does what it is suppsed to do and picks up all those dust and debris just laying around your house. Operating the vaccum is easy so if you have bad a bad back or any shoulder pain like I do, it won't be problem since the vacuum doesn't put any heavy stress on these body parts. If you out there looking for a new vaccum, I would highly recommend this one since it is just a breeze to use and gets the job done right.


Agate, CO


This is a wonderful vacuum!


I have a somewhat reasonable sized apartment with all hardwood floors. For the past few years, I have had a cleaning service mostly because I could not get the floors as clean as they could. I worried about my big dog laying on the floors with possible chemical residue. I started researching floor steamers after seeing an infomercial for the Shark. Sounded perfect but the reviews were not great. A few weeks later I researched again and saw the Haan Slim & Light. The reviews were great and it seemed easy enough. I was just afraid it would be just mediocre and I would have another unused item laying around. I decided to chance it. Best purchase ever! This is how easy it is: fill up the water container, plug it in, press the on button, wait 30 seconds and go! I heard other similar products have a trigger button. Nope. The Haan is steaming as long as it is on. The floors are left warm and dry within a few seconds. No puddles. No streaks. I can steam my entire place with only using 1/2 the water supply. The washable pads are great. I thought I would have to change the pads a few times each cleaning, but I don't. Saves a ton of money because you don't need to continue purchasing disposable pads or cleaners. The cord is long and sturdy. It is very light weight and easy to store. Extremely easy for a quick cleaning. No chemicals so no smells.


Gillette, NJ


Great "green" way to clean your house


When I thought of buying a cleaner for my tile kitchen floor, I decided that I wanted a steam cleaner because it only uses water. I didn't want to buy the ordinary ones that use certain solutions, chemicals, etc. I have pets and children in my house all the time, and I don't like to use a lot of different sprays or solutions just in case anybody was allergic to them. Steam cleaning is a good solution, as long as you clean often, your floors won't be dirty. However, if you don't clean often and your floors get too dirty, I don't think this steam cleaner would be strong enough to remove all the dirt and stains. I also like it because it's lightweight and pretty compact. You can easily carry it around anywhere. I got the chore of cleaning the kitchen floor so I got to choose which "toy" I wanted to buy for it.


Rowland Heights, CA


Effective, but makes for long cleaning time!


Don't buy this if you don't have time to clean. It works excellent when I have time to work on vaccuuming, but the power cord is extremely short which makes me have to plug it in again and again. I do like the work that it actually does when I'm doing small spaces, but it also doesn't get in the nooks and crannies! It doesn't reach corners very well, and definitely doesn't reach as far as I would like it to reach. I would reccommend it to someone living in an apartment, but not someone with a big or even middle sized house. It does get the carpets clean enough where there's a noticeable difference, and also it sanitizes the carpets. It seems like my house is cleaner and more fresh after I vaccuum with this! It's also very effective when you're trying to get under things, just doesn't fit in the really small spaces.


Omaha, NE


HAAN Upright Steam Mop SI35

4.3 29