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HP desktop computer

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The HP w2007h contains a superb monitor


The monitor I have labeled an HP w2207h is, what I consider, one of the best investments of my life. Any person who spends as much time on the computer as I do swiftly becomes acclimated to and appreciative of the eye saving benefits of a widescreen monitor. Iinstead of focus, scroll, focus, scroll, you can focus, focus, focus, scroll. If you were more bothered by the quality of image on a former monitor, the w2207h monitor features sharp, crisp color straight out of the box (after a quick and guided calibration). You can adjust the brightness and contrast and access built-in color profiles for movies, games, etc with the menu. The monitor adjust to different orientations as you move or tilt it. It will present webpages in both a "Portrait" and "Landscape" Mode. Consider landscape a synonym for widescreen and you cna likely imagine just how cool the ability to have a long portrait view is if you are a heavy PC reader. The w2207h features built-in USB hubs that I use for my mp3 player and media stick. It also features a built in volume adjustment if you use the monitor speakers.

East Dubuque, IL


Best Gaming & Movie Computer


My HPw2207 is the best computer I've ever owned. We bought this computer 2 years ago with our tax refund and I'm so glad we chose this computer over the others we looked at.  We are a family of gamers and this computer is great for all the games my husband and children play. It's quick, the graphics are awesome and the flat screen monitor is smooth, clean and doesn't take up a lot of space on our desk. The programmable DVR is perfect as well. My kids like to watch shows that are always on while their in school, and we have this computer set up to record their shows and when they get home they can sit and watch them without disturbing the rest of us who are watching the TV in the living room.  I like this computer most of all because the features it has, such as the Gadget bar on the side. I have a calendar, a "to do" list, the weather all at one glance to the side. I'm on this thing all the time for various reasons and I'm very happy with the speed, the quality of the graphics displayed and the convenience of having the media center at my fingertips. If you are a family full of gamers or just like a good computer, I would recommend this one. It has been a great family computer.

Junction City, OR


My HP computer is the best yet!


My husband bought my new widescreen monitor and computer tower for my birthday this year.  It has the windows Vista system on it.  I enjoy using this computer and the wide screen makes viewing so much better than the old computer I had.  It was an HP also, but it was out of date and this new one has so much more to enhance my usage.  I log on daily and do emails, surveys, web-searches, check the news and everything.  When I learn how to do it, I may join Myspace or one of those social networks.  Right now, I'm just busy with my home, grandson, getting him back in school and doing my usual surveys, emails from family and friends, and searching for coupons and other ways to save money on groceries, household goods, clothes, etc.  I love saving money and this HP Computer was on sale when we bought it.  Of course, that caught my attention right away.  With today's economy as it is, saving money is the only way to survive.  Not only was my HP a bargain then, but it's still a bargain today, because with it, I've managed to save a considerable amount of money on the things we need in our daily lives.  HP is my favorite for Computers and supplies.

Traphill, NC


HP desktop computer

5.0 3