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HP Pavilion desktop computer

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HP the best


Love my HP computer!!  Would never consider buying any other brand of computers.  At work we have had other brands and nothing beats the HP brand.  Great machines and great prices if buying directly throught - you can make it your own

East Hampton, CT


Amazing, works fast, usable 4 all pesonal needs + many features


The hp pavillion i own has a quad core prossesor amd with windows vista. If you ever heard vist was bad it is a total lie, easy to use, the only downfall of vista is a couple games here and there are not compatible. I have been using my computer for around a year now, since i bought it i have discovered many features i didnt even know i had. such as lightscribe built into my cd/dvd place. i also dicovered i could burn just about any dvd. at first all i knew i had was some games and your basic pc programs (excluding microsoft office i bought that sepratly) some programs i discovered i had were windows Dvd maker, which is the easiest way to make a dvd without expierence in other areas, it has an easy to use interface with simple componets for creating a dvd. i also discovered powerpoint viewer wich is an easy way to view power points if you dont own powerpoint the program. this is an amazing computer, highly suggested you buy it and once again it is the "hp pavilion media center m8400f desktop computer"

Gig Harbor, WA


Great Computer


Great computer fast and works well with some games.  Vey intese games would require a video card upgrade which would require a power supply upgrade as well.  Large 320gig hard drives x2. Lightscribe enabled Dvd - cd writer.

Fremont, IA


HP Pavilion desktop computer

4.7 3