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HP Pavilion TX2100 Tablet PC

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Good, but maybe too expensive


I'm writing this about the Hewlett Packard Pavilion TX2100 tablet. i was looking for a graphics tablet for my fiance who loves to draw and wanted one that would go directly onto his computer. i was looking for one that would draw well and have a good performance for the pen. i wanted him to have a fairly large one. however, i found out that you don't need a big one because once the drawing is on the computer the artist can make it as big as they like. so you may want to find a cheaper, smaller one.  i also wanted one that had a USB plug in becuase those ones connect the best and there can be problems with wireless or not having the right connection but every computer has a USB input.  Overall it was a good buy but some of the features such as the size proved unneccessary. it was definately one of the thinest i could find which was good for travel and easier to draw on. also you want to find one that cmoes with a good photo program such as photoshop or correll.

Ipswich, MA


HP Pavilion TX2100 Tablet PC

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