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HP Pavilion Notebook PC

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Love the big 17" screen on the HP Pavilion 9600.


I enjoy using my HP Pavilion.  It has the 17" screen, which is very nice.  Although the larger screen is bulky and it is hard to find cases big enough to accomodate the larger size.  I have found that being able to see items diplayed on the larger screen makes up for those problems.  If you have a vision imparment or use reading glasses, I would highly recommend the 17" screen over the 14" or 15" screens. This laptop has an integrated 5-1 card reader that makes downloading your digital camera pictures as easy as 1 2 3.  All you have to do is insert your card, a menu pops up and you can save any picture that you choose to on your hard drive or burn the picture directly to a DVD. This laptop also has an integrated WIFI and Bluetooth connections.  I have used the Bluetooth to download pictures and video from my cell phone onto my laptop.  The integrated WIFI is easy to use and to set up.  Both connection setups are menu driven, so all you have to do is pick the right data, or enter a small amount of information and you are up and using these features.

Dallas, GA


good, not too heavy, very usable for me


I have had this notebook, my HP Pavilion dv9600, since November of 2007  I am still learning things; like the new Word had to be learned.  But I really like it now.  I tackle lots of new things in many areas.  I recently read that they are called notebooks, not laptops, now because they get too hot to keep on yhour lap.   I assume all notebooks do that.  Because I am handicapped, sitting at a table top is very difficult.  I use a pillow on my lap and that is not ideal. I do appreciate the variety this brings into my life.  I am learning something new every day it seems.  I struggle with lots of stuff but the cues lead me well.  I have been able to do pictures and genealogy a lot.  I keep in touch with my scattered family. When I get lost, the help programs have been good.  I think it would be great if every first buyer was given a computor for dummies type book.  I did not get one and floundered for a long time.   

Janesville, IA


My HP Pavilion is one of my best investments.


  I was impressed with my first HP Pavilion, so when it came time to upgrade I bought another one. It's wide screen and the numbers pad makes a huge deference when it comes to ease of use. I have no trouble with hard drive size as it provides plenty of room for all my technical needs. The memory speed is also impressive and this is of great importance to me especially when I do not have time to wait. The security features I have installed run very well with no problems. Accessing the internet is equally problem free. The video quality and sound are of the highest quality.   On the negative side of this product is the finger print reader. Sometimes it turns itself off, unless I am responsible for this and if that's the case I have no idea of how I do it. There is not much else I can say in a negative way because my experience has been a good one with this product. Over all this is a great computer and I will most likely buy another on in the future.

Brooks, KY


so slow after a couple years


Alright I have a hewlette packered pavilion ze4900 that I purchased a few years back  i am unsure how long lap tops last but mine is about to go into retirement   I have already had to replace the hard drive in it and that didnt help much i use it for the internet and gaming not much music and no video now i cant even pop a dvd in to watch no sound lame right? i payed about a thousand and now a days you can buy a new one for way cheaper  if i knew it wasnt going to last long i would have never purchased it  for that much money  looking for new notebook soon  ooh did i mention now i have to have it plugged in to the outlet to even have it turned on   and my fan doesnt even spin  my suggestion to laptop shoppers is to do your research and not grab the first one you like it may not always be the best if anybody knows of a certaine computer that is a just for now but a later too comp let me know

Santee, CA


HP Pavilion Notebook PC

3.5 4