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HP Pavilion Notebook PC

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Great widescreen laptop but battery doens't last!!!


I got this laptop as a gift from my husband. I like it a lot but wanted something a little more compact, to use eg in a coffee shop etc. I'm online a lot and have wireless and I can be anywhere in the house or outside and it works. The only problem is that it gets hot and the battery normally only lasts and hour or two!!! Thats pretty bad.

Chicago, IL


I like it


I'm personally satisfied with HP laptop. It has good battery life, display and colors. Its far better than Mac. I used Mac a number of times but its not friendly at all. The only problem is the shape of its battery. No doubt its behind the long battery life, but sometimes the protusion makes it difficult to carry and it also adds up to the weight of   the laptop. I use it for almost 10-12hrs a day and its been 2yrs now,  its still working perfectly. At the time I purchased it, I regretted about spending so much money when      I compared the price with other laptops. But slowly I realised that its really worth it. In a nut shell, I would say that if you buy it you won't be dissapointed. It looks good,        it works well, has large display screen  and  is quite friendly in use. The only issue is      the shape of battery. However, the positive points overpower it. I really enjoy using it.

Brockport, NY


HP Pavilion Notebook PC

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