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Gsi Outdoors AC-Adapter Power-Supply Charger Cord

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It gets so hot!


We have a sony camcorder and the original cord that came with it went out and I ordered this one because it said that it was a replacement for it and would be the same. We got it in the mail and found it to be slightly different than the original one that we had, but we plugged it in and found that it still was charging the camcorder so I was not to worried about it and went on with my day. I came back about two hours and touched the box to find that it was so hot, like hot enough to burn someone. It was sitting on a piece of plastic and it had warped the plastic in some because it had become so hot. I immediately unplugged it and called them and they sent me a replacement one, and well it does the exact same thing. Unfortunately I have found that this is a big problem with these and a lot of people have complained about it and had the same problem. It works great and did its job, but it is a hazard to have as it could really burn and harm someone, especially unsuspecting children.




Gsi Outdoors AC-Adapter Power-Supply Charger Cord

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