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Graco imonitor Duo Multi-Child Digital Baby Monitor

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Typical baby montior


I have 2 kids 15 months apart so I need a monitor for both kids. This one did it for me. It had the 2 monitors and the 2 parents ones as well. I was able to listen to both of my kids in separate rooms at the same time which is an awesome feature. It would switch rooms every 2 minutes so I didn't have to do it. The cons. One was loud and the other was quiet so it didn't balance very well. I also live in a bigger house and it was hard to put it at such a big distance. That is hard for me because all the bed rooms are upstairs and i wanted to be able to hear them if i was down stairs. I made it work by putting it as close to the stairs as I could but it would still beep a handful of times a day. If it beeps that means there is no signal. It is frustrating to hear the beeping throughout the day. I couldn't go outside and do some yard work because it would be to far away from the kids. Like I said I wish it would let you go farther.



its a lifesaver!


my Graco baby monitor has really helped me and my family very much and i dont even have a baby! my father is 74yrs old and i take care of him. a month ago he fell and broke his hip,if it had not been for the monitor there is no telling how long he may have laid in the floor of his room but i heard it when he fell and was able to run right in and help him up. his hip was broken but thank God and Graco that he didnt lay in the floor in pain.

Callahan, FL


If your paranoid don't get these!


We bought these Graco baby monitors in hope that they were good monitors, we had read some good reviews on  when we bought them we were impressed with the price.  But after the baby was born and we started to use the monitors we were NOT impressed with the bad reception we got from the monitor upon taking it off the charger and further away from the base in the baby's room

Watertown, NY


Finally! A good monitor worth the money.


We had in inherited an old monitor from family members, and needed to find a new one because of the wear and tear after 3 kids. We shopped around and looked at other reviews. We bought the Sony 900mhz at first, but there was a lot of interference. It was hard to hear our daughter at all unless she was actively crying. We bought the imonitor and love it. The sound quality is good. The volume adjustment is very convenient. When my daughter is sick we can turn it up to attend to her more closely. We haven't had it long, but are very pleased so far.

Raleigh, NC


love this


this monitor is absolutely great. It has a really good range, clear sound, light displays whenever sounds get louder in the room where the baby is. It also has a battery indicator light and it also lights up when you are getting out of range as well as the fact that it makes a beeping noise! Great monitor.

Hershey, PA


I love this monitor


  I really like the Imonitor a lot. I have a baby with a congenital heart defect so it is important that I know when he is awake or crying excessively, because it puts too much stress on him; so I have to get to him and calm him right away. I got the monitor because I have housework that I need to get done downstairs at home, but when I go down there I can't hear when he is awake.  With the Imonitor I can hear even when he rubs his feet on the blanket. It is really sensitive! I also use it when my other kids are downstairs playing. This helps with knowing what is going on. Such as when they come to tell me that so-and-so did this or that. I was able to hear what was going on in the whole room so this alleviates the need to listen to them argue about what happened. As far as range, I took it down the street 5 houses before it started to break up. The one thing that was important to me was rechargeable, which it has, except for the base. It can be plugged in or it takes batteries. I suppose if I wanted to use it outside, I would have a need to use it with batteries, but for general use, I plug the base in the room I am monitoring.   I really like it and I am impressed with the clarity, volume adjustment and it is nice to have the lights to show me when my baby is awake if I am doing something noisy such as out mowing the lawn or running the snow blower or working in the garage. It gives me freedom.

Idaho Falls, ID


Love the ability to listen to two kids at once!


When we were about to have our second child in under 2 years, it became obvious that we needed to invest in another monitor.  But I didn't want to have to have two monitors.  Last year, there were only two dual ones on the market and this one definitely had the advantages.  The fact that you can turn it to only one room or the other and adjust between the lengths of time in each room was a big win.  The different colored lights for each child was also really helpful for moms (and dads) trying to decipher cries in the middle of the night.

Kennesaw, GA


Good monitor, works if you have 2 rooms that need bases.


We have had this monitor since July 2009 when our daughter was born. We have 2 children and needed another baby monitor, so this has helped. I have a few issues with it though. Sometimes static comes across the monitors or it sometimes makes snapping sounds. I think that it's because one of our neighbors has something that slightly interfears with them. We aren't sure, but it doesn't happen often enough for us to go poking at our neighbors to find out. The battery life of the monitors was about 2 hours or a little less, at first. Now one goes for about an hour, and the other one for an hour and a half before the monitors are beeping at us. I haven't complained to Graco about this, but I am going to now after this review. We mainly keep the monitors on the bases because one is by my computer and the other one is in our bedroom to monitor my son's room at night. Our daughter still sleeps in our room at night. I do like to be able to go to my neighbor's house though and still get decent reception on the monitor to hear my children when they are napping or down for the night. I hope that this review helps someone trying to make a decision on whether or not to buy this.

Mount Juliet, TN


3X Grandma


Grandchildren are 3.5 and 4.5 years apart. I have a large house where they sleep with high ceilings. This is such an improvement over all the rest and all the older models! It is as "clear as a bell" and I can even hear them moving and/or little nails scratching in their sleep and I am NOT light sleeper and a long way from their bedrooms. LOVE IT!!

Spring Hill, TN


not worth the money


This moniter has a "base" where the units are supposed to recharge, however, within the first few months those stop working and you can no longer charge them.  You can't bring them away with you as you are supposed to be able to carry them around and have them be wireless.  The static free quality is not as static free as it is advertised.  Why pay the extra money for wireless if it isn't going to work?  If you are trying to stay within budget, I suggest going with a more reliable model that will have to stay plugged.  If you need the unit to be wireless I suggest going with a different model since mine ended up not being wireless anyway.  The only saving grace for this model for me was the fact that there were 2 recievers which allowed me to plug them into different rooms.  After 1 year though, one unit stopped working completely and I had to purchase another model anyway.

Naples, FL


Graco imonitor Duo Multi-Child Digital Baby Monitor

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