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Sony BabyCall MHz Nursery Monitor

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It is good. Don't love it...don't hate it.


The price was reasonable so I was not expecting anything with a huge range. It worked pretty well from a distance and offered enough channel options to allow us to adjust to (which we did not need). Battery life off the charger is fine (when I forgot to plug it back in). Sound/Video Clarity Clear enough to know when the child is crying and when he is just stirring or making noise. Interference Distance is not great. With rooms on the opposite sides of the house, if you did not position it just right you get the alarm sound. As for outside interference, I have noticed very little Durability We don't test this much since it mostly sits on the night stand in our room and the transmitter on the dresser. Portability The clip is really hard to get clipped on to anything.


Elkhorn, WI


We love our Sony 900 Mhz Babycall Nursery Monitor Ntm 900


We received our **Sony 900 Mhz Babycall Nursery Monitor Ntm 900 **as a baby shower gift. It worked perfectly from the moment we took it out of the box, which actually wasn't for some time after our son was born. We really didn't have much of a need for it, and considered returning it. We live in a small 4 room apartment on the second floor of a 2 family home so if he cried for anything he's never more then a few feet away. However, when he hit about 3 months old or so we finally opened it up and started using it. We didn't even let it charge, it worked well right out of the box. I did change our channel settings, just in case a neighbor happenned to have one within reach. The only complaint I have and it's not really even a complaint, If I get to close the other portion of the monitor it will squalk really loudly, this almost woke my son up once. Thank goodness I shut it off really fast, and he didn't wake up. It also reached all the way downstairs with out any interference which is a blessing in the city. 


Jersey City, NJ


Sony monitor- gets the job done


I purchased the monitor skeptical as i read a few bad reviews about the quality. The reviews were very wrong unless the people using the monitor had mansion size houses. My house is about 1500 sq and I am still able to stay in range throughout my house and into my back yard. I really like that an alert beep goes off if you are out of range or the reciever with the baby becomes unplugged. The sound is clear and the volume control is nice. I also like being able to change the setting from being able to hear all the time to voice activated monitoring. I use the voice activation setting at night so I can hear my baby if she wakes up and not a constant buzzing of the monitor when she is sleeping. The recharable battery is great and the battery life is good. I would reccomend this monitor because it works great, and the cost was reasonable compared to other monitors that are available today. Great buy! Interference easily gets out of range


Midway, GA


Works great most of the time; some cellular interference.


We have owned this baby monitor for nearly a year now, and so far it has treated us well most of the time. The sound quality that comes through it is crisp and clean, it gives very noticeable and separately distinct alarms if the battery is low or the monitor is out of range of the receiver. The volume cranks up very loud as well...sometimes startlingly so. There are a couple of issues I have encountered, one fixeable and the other not. The first is that, on the device's factory-set frequency (yellow, yellow, yellow), we would sometimes get an odd random interference that sounded like a helicopter. This was different than cell phone interference, which is a given...this one came and went at random. However, upon changing up the frequency (ours is now red, yellow, green), the problem seems to have ceased. The other issue is that the volume can actually be turned down to silence, and though the red lights still illuminate when sound it picked up, the volume knob is so easy to accidentally brush that we have unintentionally silenced it a couple of times and not known our son was crying until we heard him through the wall. If you are careful with it, it won't happen, but it would make for some danger if wearing it on the belt clip. That aside, it has treated us excellently. The battery life is definitely good...we forget and leave it on frequently and it usually lasts nearly two days. The voice-activation feature is definitely a major pro. I don't like hearing soft static, so it's nice that it can come on only when noise is heard. So far, it seems very sensitive.


Mcminnville, OR


Wondeful Monitors - So Happy With Them


The Sony monitors are truly fabulous baby monitors.  I cannot say enough good things about them.  I am the mother of a 4 year old and a 7 month old.  When we were pregnant with our first child, we did LOTS of research.  We consulted many of our parent friends who had purchased other brands of monitors that you typically see on new parents' baby registries.  No one could really give us a glowing recommendation for their mointors.  After looking at several options, my husband pointed out that he thought we should go with the Sony mointor, a company that makes electronics all the time.  Boy, am I glad we made that decision.  We still have our first Sony monitor in our 4 year old's room and bought the Sony 910 for our baby's room.  These monitors have never disppointed us - the range is great, the battery life is great, there is very little static, they don't pick up frequencies from other people's houses.  We've even traveled several times with these monitors, and they have held up well to several trips and several years' worth of wear and tear. I would recommend these monitors to any new parent!


Lancaster, SC


The sony Ntm baby monitor is great for the price.


The SonyNtm 910y Babycall Ultra Sensitive 900 Mhz Baby Monitor is a very good monitor to use for a nursery.  Our monitor is sitting on a table a few feet away from the crib, and it picks up any sound that is made inside the nursery no matter how far it is from the base.  We have even tried standing on the other side of the room and whispering to see if it would pick up the sound, and it does.  The receiver has enough reach, so we can be anywhere in the house without having problems with static or picking up noises coming from the nursery.  This baby monitor comes with a rechargable battery for the receiver so it eliminates the need to purchase batteries or having to find an outlit to plug it into. The price of the Sony BabyCall  Monitor is very reasonable for the quaility of the product and is much more affordable then others in the same catagory. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a high quality Baby monitor for a very reasonable price.


Level Plains, AL


Sony NTM-910 Baby Monitors


We got the Sony NTM-910 Baby Monitors for our son when he was born in 2009. I have never owned any other monitoring system, but have been very pleased with these. I bought these because of the ratings and reviews i read on other baby websites and dont regret it. Yes, they are a little big/bulky, but we have never had issues. Sony is a name i can trust and so far so good. It doesnt have tons of fancy features and settings, just on/off and voice activated (which i dont use). They are kind of heavy, but i dont carry the monitor around with me. If you did i would suggest getting a smaller one. We live in a fairly small house and don't have issues with the range much, except in the basement. The volume setting isnt fancy. I like these monitors, but think there might be some out there that are a little better (smaller, lighter, longer range..). The battery life is farily short. I usually have to recharge it every couple days and if it dies it makes this aweful beeping noise!!!! Like i said, i havent had any issues with these, but there could be some better on the market!


Nashville, TN


Really happy with it.


**Sony Ntm 910y Baby Monitor was what be bought with our last child.  We did quite a bit of research and read other's reviews on different monitors, and made our decision based on high ratings and price.  We didn't have a lot of money to work with, and while some monitors have astronomical prices (especially the ones with video cameras), so the **Sony Ntm 910y Baby Monitor Retail fit our needs perfectly.  Even though my kids are past the baby stage, I still like to use my monitor to hear the kids while playing in areas where I can't keep an eye on them, but would still like to hear them clearly (like in the basement while they're playing).  I would totally buy the **Sony Ntm 910y Baby Monitor Retail again in a heartbeat and have been very satisfied with it's performance based on my basic needs for an inexpensive, reliable monitor that I could carry around on my wasitband with good range and sound.  ******


emmacreek, KS




The Sony 900 mhz BabyCall nursery monitor is just plain excellent. With 27 different channels to choose from, you can always find a good one where there's no static, no interference, and no hearing your neighbors (or having them hear you! on their cordless phones) The speaker provides a clear sound and you can easily use the handset far away from the base (outside, in the basement, etc.) The battery life is really good and the handset is rechargeable. Simple, convenient, and easy to use. There are cheaper monitors out there, but they're just not worth it. You want your monitor to be clear and reliable, otherwise, what's the point? For parents who cant afford a video monitor or think that video is overkill, you can't go wrong with the Sony BabyCall monitor.


Murrieta, CA


Doesn't last


I was really excited about this baby monitor when we first got it. It seemed to work very nicely, and I really liked how it was rechargeable. I also enjoyed the features that allowed it to be voice-activated, so you didn't have to listen to the white noise over and over for hours each day and night. Regarding the distance, it works very well for us in our house. I can leave the monitor in the nursery and walk all the way downstairs, out the back door and to the back edge of the yard and still get signal. All these things were great until about a year after we started using it. Lately it has been turning off without any indication, which of course makes it completely obsolete. I think it's nice, but if you want something to last more than a year or so, look elsewhere.


Bishop, GA


Sony BabyCall MHz Nursery Monitor

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