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Gold's Gym
Gold's Gym Cross Trainer 510

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Great addition


The main reason I purchased this unit was to build up my stamina in terms of leg strength. I was preparing for a marathon, 5k to be exact and it was suggested that I use a unit that encompassed a variety of exercises in one. I chose this unit because it does just that. It was really important to me that I build up arm and leg strength to be able to sustain myself during the run and the training I received using this unit was well worth it. Performance I gained tons of strength using this unit. I also lengthened my leg muscles, and that enabled me to train for longer periods without my legs becoming tired. Comfort Very comfortable unit to work with. Ease of Use This unit is very easy to work with. I experienced no issues using this machine. Durability I have dogs, cats and children. This unit is very durable, as it has stood up to them running and jumping around and on it since I have owned it. Design I like the design, as it fits with my other equipment very well.




Nice elliptical machine


I enjoy working out on the Gold's gym cross trainer 510 elliptical. I workout 2-3 days a week on it for 30-45 minutes for the days I workout on it. One of the best things about it is unlike running on the pavement outside or running indoors on a treadmill and stressing my knees by the constant pounding my knees take, this elliptical does not give much stress on my knees. I still get a workout on my entire legs and buttocks. The elliptical has some pretty cool features like an interactive coach which motivates me. It has 7 workout plans I can choose from. It has a dock and built in speaker which I can use to listen to my MP3 player. It comes with a display panel that allows me to see how far and for how long I have been working out. The piece of equipment is a bit on the heavy side. I like how it looks, has a modern look to it. As for the durability, I have been using it for over a year and it still is holding up well. Performance Gives me a great workout. Comfort Very comfortable to use. Ease of Use Very simple to use. Durability Has been holding up well. Design Love the design.




Gold's Gym Cross Trainer 510

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