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Gold's Gym
Gold's Gym 480 Treadmill

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easy and comfortable


I enjoy using this treadmill. It's easy to use and gives you several options for incline and speed. It has a comfortable and sturdy no slip base that makes you feel secure in running or walking. I would recommend this treadmill for someone who doesn't want to go to the gym and wants at home gym quality results. This treadmill is a nice range for a quick walk or a long run. Good for all ranges of exercise needs weight loss or toning. Performance Awesome results and easy to use. Works great, allows you to gwt in a great workout or a quick walk. Comfort Very comfortable, several options for incline and speed for that perfect fit. Has a comfortable grip on the base and feels very sturdy. Ease of Use Very easy to use even for a non treadmill user. A great beginners treadmill. Also great for everyday use. Durability Should last for years with proper use Design Nice and sleek, its a treadmill and so it will take up space. It does however have the option to fold and store.

Coronado, CA


This is not a good treadmill!


I cannot understand how so many people seem to love this machine. I hated it. It was inexpensive and it screamed cheap as soon as I took it out of the box. It was missing parts. I had to call about that and it was another week before I even received the correct parts that I needed. I ended up returning the treadmill after a week because it kept stopping in the middle of my work out. I did not have any problem returning the treadmill which is the only good thing I have to say about the product. I will not be purchasing any Gold's Gym product again nor am I going to recommend them to my friends. Performance This machine kept stopping in the middle of my work out. Lucky for me, I only am able to walk on a treadmill, not run. Otherwise, it could have been very dangerous and I could have been hurt. Comfort There was not much give in the treadmill when I walked. My feet always hurt when I was finished. Ease of Use Other than returning it, the fact that it was easy to use was the best part of this product.



Gold's Gym Treadmill, good value, great treadmill!


The Gold's Gym Trainer 480 is a great treadmill for the price. When we went in search of treadmill we wanted one that was an affordable price, that had a wide waling path and tha would fold up when not in use. the Gold's Gym Trainer 480 has all of the features and more. The 480 model is very affordable and fits takes up a small area when folded up. It offers 8 programmed workouts, 4 that are for weight loss and 4 that are for building enduance. This treadmill features a timer, calorie counter, heart rate monitor and a distance calculator. It also comes with two ,one pound weights that can be used while walking on the treadmill. The Gold's Gym Trainer 480 also offers you an automatic incline at the touch of a button,and several speeds to choose from. This treadmill is well made and offers a very good workout. I cannot think of anything that this machine is lacking and consider it a great machine at a great price.

Saucier, MS


Gold's gym equipment stinks.


I have read someof the other reviews that this machine has gotten and I have to believe they are talking about a different machine. When I got this piece of junk it was missing parts straight out of the box. It took me a whole month to get the parts that were missing and that was after the week it took me to get ahold of somebody that could help me.When I finally did get it up and running it wasn't more than three weeks and the motor just stopped running. So then after another month and a half I got a new one. If you just want a treadmill to walk on I guess this would be the model for you but if and when you get into a higher speed it sounds like it is going to fall apart. When you do get into a pretty good run if you are over five foot ten you will not have the room to go full stride it just doesn't have the room. The one good thing that I can say is that it is cheap. As they say you get what you pay for.

Lehighton, PA


Most enjoyable and painless experience ive had on a treadmill.


I have always favored running outside instead of indoors, recent knee injuries made this a very painful experience.  It took a while for me to become accustomed to treadmills.  I probably tried out over ten before finding the right fit.  Anyone with bad knees understands the pain of running on uneven pavement and unforgiving trreadmills.  Gold's Gym Treadmil provided me with an enjoyable and painless running experience like no other.  It had the perfect amount of give to reduce the stress exerted on my knees to nothing.  I've never weighed my decision heavily on extra features, but this model should surely please anyone with its variety of custom setting from manual, uphill, strength, and so on.  I love to get a fast burn from a steep uphill climb at the end of my workout and this product can surely provide that.  Unlike many other models, the incline operates quite fast, taking you from a ground level to a sharp angle in seconds. I would seriously recommend this product to anyone who suffers chronic knee pain after a hard workout.  Instead of icing my knees for an hour afterwards, I am now able to carry on with my daily routine.

Matawan, NJ


Gold's Gym treadmill is great for the average person


The treadmill is great for those who just want a way to excercise inside.  Its footprint is relatively small and it allows you to fold it up for easy storage.  The only complaints I have are the weight limit and the shorter run platform

Spanish Fork, UT


Gold's Gym 480 Treadmill

3.5 6