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Glad Ovenware

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great for giving home cooked gifts


I always try to keep several packs of Glad Ovenware in my kitchen because I do a lot of baking and love to share with family and friends. Using this ovenware allows me to make a dish specifically for some one, give it to them immediately if I so choose and not have to worry about getting any dishes returned to me (I have a sister who is notorious for failing to return things). An added bonus is that this ovenware can also be put into the refrigerator, so there is no need to transfer any food into another dish for storage. These also come with covers so you don't have to cover with plastic wrap. And they can even be reusable depending on how messy the dish is that you use them for. I have never reused them, but I primarily only use these to give home cooked gifts to family and friends. Overall, these are extremely handy and convenient for me. Foods cook well in them and they are relatively inexpensive. You really should try them if you haven't done so already.

La Rue, OH


Melted in My Oven


I am usually a big fan of products made by Glad as I predominantly use their storage bags and containers to store food. I was excited to see that they made ovenware as I was browsing the aisles at my local supermarket one day and decided to give their baking pans a try. In this pack you get baking pans and lids because the package states that you can use the pans to bake food in the oven or you can place the lid on top of them and store them in the freezer or refrigerator. My daughter wanted to make brownies that night, so I decided to give the Glad pans a try. When the brownies only had two or three minutes left to bake, I went to check on them and noticed that the pan had started to melt a little on the ends. This was surprising because the package stated that the pans are made out of plastic that is safe enough to use in the oven without melting. I had to remove the brownies when they should have been allowed to bake for a few more minutes because I did not want the plastic to melt and get stuck to my oven. After getting the undone brownies out of it, I tossed it to the side. I have since used the other pan for storage and it has worked out just fine. I like the pans for storage, but I will not be using them to bake ever again.

Jackson, TN


Gladware ovenware is awesome.


I never liked taking my good glassware outside to a party/bbq because I might forget to take it home or it could of got broken.  When I found these Gladware Ovenware pans I was so happy and they worked out perfectly when I took something to a party/bbq.  I let the host keep it and she loved them as well!

Mesa, AZ


Reusable and Cheap


I love that the containers are reusable and somewhat durable.  I think the best part is that they can easily be stored in the fridge. they are not an odd shape and come with covers.  I used them for a family party I attended, we have a big family so everyone tries to bring something to pitch in.  The containers are great for it.  I don't have to worry about getting my cookware back, or it being broken or not returned by the host.  If I use them for cooking at home, I love the flexibility of the containers being microwave safe as well.  They are also great for those kids that just moved out but still want to grab your leftovers for themselves.

Mount Prospect, IL


just remember to fallow the directions


      I am not to keen on baking a whole lot and I love to try different things that are going to make it a little easier. You have to make sure that you fallow the baking directions because if you don't and place it in the oven it gets a little unstable when it's time to remove it. So don't forget the cookie sheet under it!!           It is pretty durable.... You don't have to worry to much how hard you press cutting in it once it is out of the oven for a while. Clean up is a snap, too. If you don't want to stick in the dish washer or wash it by hand throw it away.      Also if you are like my I don't mind if I have to make something for a outting but I hate when I have to use one of my good bowls. For the price of the pans you make it, take it, and forge about it.     I would say in general the pans are pretty good but not something I would use on a everyday basis.  

Wapwallopen, PA


Glad Ovenware

3.8 5