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Ginsey Disney Fairies in 1 Potty Chair

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No lid, seriously?


I understand that this 3 in 1 potty chair does convert into a stool and can go in the toilet, but it should really have a lid so I can keep the fairies up at all times. My daughter will run to this toilet and constantly pull up the lid so that she can point the fairies, and then proceeds to drop things in to the toilet on accident. Skip it.




great chair for potty training


bought it for 2 year old daughter she was afraid at first but is getting used to it now. Very nice product. Very easy to put together and use once you realize the back goes in at an angle. GREAT value. the cool thing about it is that it can be used on the floor or when their ready it can be attached to the tolet set and bottom part becomes a step stool. its very easy to assmeble and take apart when need. i like that its very easy to clean after its been used. the only thing about it that i didnt like was how the back peace of the chair is stiff. other then that its a really good potty training chair that my daughter loves to use. its a good brand and is strong and very durable. when i fist got it my daughter would like to stand up on it. at first i thought it would of broke, but to my surprise it held her weight and didnt seem to bend or anything. so i would have to say that this is one of those thing that would be great to pass down from one generation to another.


Kennebunk, ME


Ginsey Disney Fairies in 1 Potty Chair

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