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Gerber Graduates Zwieback Toast

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my daughter loves these teething biscuits.


as a very busy mother i try to find products that help my daughter learn and things she likes to eat all at the same time. When she started teething she hated teething ring so my mother-in-law suggested that we give her some teething biscuits to chew on. She loves them and i do not love the mess. when i give them to her i put on the biggest bib that i own and she still manages to get it every where including in her hair. it is hard to get off her you almost have to take her to the sink and wash off if she did not love them so i would not give them to her because of the mess. it does seem to help with her teething and also with helping her learn how to self-feed which for her is a major chore. So i gladly deal with the mess instead of the crying that comes with teething. each biscuit comes wrapped by itself so that makes it easy to take to grandmas house or where ever you want to go. i would tell parents to try these with play clothes on.

Red Boiling Springs, TN


Nice snack for babies learning to self-feed.


I have bought almost all of the teething biscuits I can find on the market.  The **Gerber Graduates Finger Foods Zwieback Toast **is not as good as Earth's Best, but they are good for what they are designed to do - help teach your baby how to self-feed. The **Zwieback Toasts **are hard, crunchy pieces of toast that break down easily in your babies mouth.  When my son was about 6-7 months old, he would gnaw on them until they were a soggy mess.  Now my son is 11 months old and he can bite right into it and break a piece off.  He now chews the biscuit in about four minutes instead of gnawing on it for twenty minutes. A box of **Gerber Graduates Finger Foods Zwieback Toast **includes two (8) piece packages.  I give them to my son as a snack and also as dessert after he finishes his lunch and dinner.  He loves feeding himself, so it is actually fun for him to eat these. If you are interested in other teething biscuits, these are the ones I have tried: - [Earth's Best Wheat Teething Biscuits][1] - [Gerber Graduates Biter Biscuits][2] - [Earth's Best Barley Teething Biscuits][3] **The Scoop!** The reason why I gave the **Zwieback Toast** 3 stars, is because it is nutritionally empty.  There is nothing of substance in the ingredient list for this product.  I prefer the Earth's Best brand more because, not only are they organic, they have more substance to them. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Earths-Best-Wheat-Teething-Biscuits-review-75b25 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Gerber-Graduates-Biter-Biscuits-review-a39c7 [3]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Earths-Best-Barley-Teething-Biscuits-review-bd586

Camp Lejeune, NC


Gerber Graduates Zwieback Toast

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