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Gerber Graduates Fruit Splashers Beverages

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Great for toddlers.


I bought Fruit Splashers for my niece who was drinking way too many sugary beverages. I had to bribe her a little bit with her favorite sippy cup in order to get her to drink it, but once she had tasted it she didn't want to drink anything else. And she is a picky kid. I trust Gerber and the ingredients that they put in their products and with the Fruit Splashers it is no different. These are great ingredients perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. They come in many different flavors which I like because then I can switch them up with the little ones so they don't become bored with the same flavor all the time. I have tasted it as well and have noticed that I like the taste too. However it's too expensive for me to drink with the kiddos. But if it was cheaper or came in a slightly larger bottle I would drink it more. I would for sure tell other mother's to try this product especially with summer coming up soon. It is great for keeping kids hydrated while they are playing. I will continue to buy this!




great juice that's not as sweet as the other juices


My son never wanted to drink water so I had to think of something that would make him want to drink something healthy. I used other brands and just added a lot of water but I knew there was a better choice out there for him that was for his age. I seen this Gerber graduates fruit splashers juice and wanted to try it out. It was a 32 ounce and it was in the flavor strawberry kiwi. Its great because it was made with real fruit juice and its fat free. I like how it doesn't taste too sugary like those other juices. It even has an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of calcium in it. My son really loved drinking this juice and I didn't even have to add water to it like I would normally do. I always added this juice to a sippy cup and he started learning of how to drink from that instead of a bottle. I would definitely buy these Gerber juices again, I actually don't feel guilty buying him these knowing there's less sugar in it. I recommend it for any child, if your going to introduce juice to them try these.




Baby juice!


I held off on giving my son juice for as long as possible because everyone warned me that once he had a taste of juice he would never go back to water! Well, luckily this juice isn't too sweet so he likes it but not too sweet that he will get hooked on sugar and won't want to drink water any more! He loves to drink this out of a cup as a special dessert or treat after a meal. He doesn't drink a lot of it since he's still quite young, but he does seem to enjoy the taste enough to want more of it! I am hoping that once he is older I can just buy regular 100% juice that doesn't contain too much sugar, because for the price you pay for this juice, you can get an organic, natural juice too!  I'd recommend it for the beginning juice, but probably won't be buying it for later on when he can chug juice down like water! It will be too expensive to keep buying these for sure! I'd recommend to a friend or family any day though! 


Federal Way, WA


Baby version of adult juice


The Gerber Graduates Fruit Splashers Purified Water is definitely a new twist to baby drinks. You can buy these separately or in their value packs which saves you a little bit more money than if you were to buy it separately. It has one hundred percent vitamin C which is great because you do not want your child getting sick. It has less sugar than normal juices that are out on the market and the Gerber Graduates Fruit Splashers Purified Water also provides calcium. This drink is great for growing toddlers. I was recommended to try this product by a friend of mine as well as our family pediatrician. There are a variety of flavors out there such as Strawberry kiwi and other such flavors. They taste like your typical juice but are obviously healthier as it contains less sugar and more vitamins than other juice drinks. They are a bit expensive so this can be a splurge product that is bought every once in a while.


Alexandria, VA


Gerber Graduates Fruit Splashers Beverages

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