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Generic Ambien 10mg 30 Pills

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Work better then other meds in this class by far. No HANGOVER!!


I use the 10 mg tab long term for the last 3 years. If i take it right at night right before bed and sleep 8 hours im refreshed for the day everyday. I get two different generics one of them is smaller whit pill that works great. But the other on is a round purple pill that doesnt seem to pack the same punch. i take 1.5 of the 10mg white ones but the purple i have to take 2.5 10mg for same effect.



Zolpidem Tartrate (Ambien)-Not as good as the brand name for me


I have a lot of difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep and have a chronic pain condition.  In addition to prescribing a pain reliever, my doctor prescribed Ambien CR.  My insurance company would no longer cover the brand name, so my doctor switched me over to the generic, Zolpidem Tartrate.  This is a different formulation than the Ambien CR, according to my doctor, and will help you fall asleep but will not help you stay asleep. I can no longer take this medication because it interacts with other meds that I'm on; but I found that the generic did not work as well as the brand name because of the difference in formulation.  Also for me,  it was very easy to get accustomed to this medication after just a few days; and then it didn't work at all.  My husband, however, got the same prescription from his doctor; and when he takes a 1/2 pill, he's out for the count!  So this medication will affect each person differently. This is also the medication that has caused some people to drive, eat or make phone calls in their sleep and have no memory of doing so.  This is not a medication to treat lightly; and you should make sure to give your doctor a list of any prescriptions or supplements that you are taking so he/she can check for interactions.  Also, never take any medications that are not prescribed for you. I make no claims about this medication.  If your doctor prescribes Zolpidem Tartrate (Ambien) for you, it may work quite well.

Madison, OH


Ambien made me walk in my sleep.


I was having trouble sleeping and my doctor prescribed Ambien for me. I got the generic brand, although that made no difference as to the quality of the product. I was told to take it just as I went to bed because it was supposed to work within 15 minutes.  I did as I was told and ended up laying there staring at the darkness for hours.  It never made me sleepy at all.  It would just put me in a trance like state.  Then when I would finally fall asleep (on my own), I slept VERY soundly.  However, I was sleep walking all through the night. I would wake up the next day in strange places.  I've awakened in the bath tub, closets and even on the back porch!  I woke up several times surrounded by food crumbs and with food in my mouth.  One day I woke up and some of my furniture had been moved around (one large recliner was upside down!). I talked to my doctor and stopped taking this drug because I was afraid of what might happen if I continued to walk in my sleep. It may help some people, but I think everyone should be made aware of the possibility of sleepwalking.  I have seen that they are now making this side effect known in the Ambien commercials and I hope people pay attention to it before taking this product.

Gaston, SC


Best Sleep In My Life


I started using the generic ambien sleep aid about three weeks ago and I have nothing bad to say about it! It starts working in about half an hour and I can get to sleep right away. I can sleep deeper and longer and wake up without even having to push snooze on the alarm clock. I'm up right away and I'm not sleepy durring the day, which is very important since I drive for a living. I've heard that it's not good to take every day, so just take it on the days you need to get up early for work. It's not addicting and supposed to be natural and I swear by it!

Santa Rosa, CA


Ambien saved me from being a zombie!


I have taken Ambien CR for about 10 years for a sleep disorder, but had to change to the generic 10 mg pills because of the cost.  I have found that there is not much difference in the two kinds of medications other than occasionally I do wake up during the night.  This is not a concern because I haven't had much trouble getting back to sleep.  I would recommend anyone concerned the cost of the Ambien CR to try the generic.   The only side effects I have from Ambien are the temporary amnesia.  I have had phone conversations, ordered things on the internet, and ate food that I don't remember eating, so use caution with long term use.  My advice is get ready for bed and finish up any business before taking it.  The negative issue is that I cannot sleep without it and I have not yet addressed this because it has been approved for long term use.

Herrick, IL


Ambien is a great sleep aid that doesn't cause a hangover!


Ambien (name brand or generic) is a great sleep aid that doesn't cause a hangover in the morning.  I can take this med and get up during the night to attend to a family member and go back to sleep without a problem.  The only drawback is that I might not remember getting up during the night.  There have been problems reported with this med of people getting in their car or leaving the house in the middle of the night, but I have never tried to do anything strange on this medication.  I have been taking it for years!  We have had a rule since I have been on this med, that no one is allowed to ask for permission or have an important conversation with mom after she takes her bedtime meds, because I won't remember the conversation.  Other than that, I have no complaints about this medication.  I wouldn't be sleeping if I didn't take this medication, so I am very pleased with it. 

Powhatan, VA


Generic Ambien 10mg 30 Pills

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