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General Mills
General Mills Wheaties Fuel Cereal

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Pleasantly Surprised by Wheaties Fuel Cereal!


I bought the Wheaties Fuel cereal simply because it was on sale and coinsided with me having a coupon for it and was in the fiber and sugar range i find acceptable for myself and family. I was so pleasantly surprised when I tried it and it was good! I likd it,my husband liked it and most importantly, my kids liked it! First, I aways look for cereals that offer both lower sugar content and fiber of above 3 grams. This cereal satisfied those requirements for me to go ahead and try it. It has a great texture that stays crunchy in milk though is not so hard hat you feel you may break a tooth or are eating cardboard. It is nicely sweet, not too much, but just enough to give it that little extra flavor and make kids enjoy it more. It is a very satisfying cereal! All too often after having cereal for breakfast i am hungry a very short time later, this cereal seemed to stick with me a bit longer as though I had more than just cerel for breakfast. Its a very tasty,very satisfying cereal that actually qualifies as a breakfast vs a snack.

Peoria, AZ


Wheaties Fuel Cereal Exciting Way to Start Your Day


Wheaties Fuel Cereal by General Mills is one of my favorite cereals and my main snack at night. I grew up on Wheaties and have been eating it for pretty much fifty years. Wheaties Fuel is a great way for your children to start their school day, a great way to help control and curb snacking in the mornings between meals. The Fiber is a natural at regulating blood sugar and its very healthy for you. At night, there is nothing I love better than a bowl for an evening snack.  I would recommend taking your children off the sugar cereals and start adding this to their morning fuel intake. Food is the fuel for their bodies and Wheaties Fuel gets an A from me.

Mason, MI


Wheaties Fuel has good flavor and lots of crunch!


My husband ONLY eats regular Wheaties cereal; he won't eat any other kind.  Thinking that he may be getting tired of boring Wheaties, I decided to buy him a new cereal - **Wheaties Fuel**.  I thought that since it is still a version of "Wheaties", he would like it, but nope, he didn't.  His loss is my gain because I do like it! **General Mills Wheaties Fuel Cereal **is described as: "Lightly sweetened crunchy whole wheat flakes and crisp rice with real honey and cinnamon."  The crisp rice has a texture added to it, it isn't your regular Rice Krispies kind of crisp rice.  The whole wheat flakes appear to be the same as regular Wheaties flakes, but smaller in size. I really like two things about this cereal.  One, it tastes really good.  The cinnamon flavor is noticeable, but not too strong.  It's a little sweet, but not like a kid's cereal.  Two, I love that the cereal stays crunchy until the end of the bowl.  I hate it when a cereal starts out crunchy, but then makes you start eating it at warp speed because it's getting soggy quickly.  This cereal starts off crunchy and is crunchy until the last bite! I also like that **Wheaties Fuel **contains a considerable amount of fiber, 5 grams per serving.  Many of the vitamins on the Nutrition Facts have 100% next to them, so that's nice too. Nutrition (3/4 cup) - 210 calories, 3g fat, 0 cholesterol, 3g protein, 5g fiber I'm kind of glad my husband didn't like this cereal (he said it was too sweet), because now I get the whole box to myself.  I enjoyed the flavor and crunch and would buy it again.

Camp Lejeune, NC


General Mills Wheaties Fuel Cereal

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