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Gdiapers Gdiapers Flushable Diaper Starter Kit

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Not worth it


More recently, my husband decided to purchase Gdiapers Flushable Diaper Starter Kit for his grand daughter to keep at our home. Let me first say that there is one good thing about Gdiapers. First of all, you can sign up to get auto ship direct to your door with out having to think about it. Other than that, I don't see the good in these diapers. They seem like quite a waste. They wet the diaper cover through and I don't feel comfortable flushing them. They also cost more than other diapers. They leave me with a bigger mess to clean because instead of just tossing the diaper out, I have to toss it and wash the cover. It doesn't absorb and keep baby as dry as I had expected that they would. I don't like them at all. Besides that, I don't like the extra laundry every time there's a leak. I think that it is a nice idea overall but to tell you the truth, for us it was a waste of money. Although the outer covers are cute, wasting money is not.



GDiapers: An okay way to test cloth diapering


My husband and I decided to cloth diaper before our son was born, although I was a bit nervous about how complicated it might be. A friend of ours gave us some GDiapers to try with the flushable inserts, which turned out to be a great test-run for cloth diapering, and made me less nervous when we did go with full cloth diapering (through a diapering service). The GDiapers have a plastic liner that snaps in to hold the inserts. The inserts can either be the flushable liners or you can get reusable cloth liners (once we started using prefolds, I even used the outer GDiaper and plastic liner with a prefold inserted on several occasions), so the versitility is great. However, we did tend to have some leaking issues around the legs with the GDiapers. The plastic liner can be a bit flimsy, and so some of the messier poops would leak out a bit occasionally. Poopy diapers almost always wound up in needing to change the outer cover (which I have found isn't the case with prefolds and proper diaper covers - as the prefold holds in the poop, and the outer cover can be reused as it stays clean most of the time). We never tried to flush the liners, so I can't provide feedback on how easily they flush. Leak Prevention These worked about as well as disposables for preventing leaks, but didn't work nearly as well as prefolds & diaper covers. Comfort They look a bit bulky, but not really any bulkier than a cloth diaper.

Somerville, MA


I love gDiapers flushable inserts, but not the shells


This little kit is a great way to try out the gDiaper system. They come with 2 little pants, snap in liners, and a few of those expensive flushable liners. These liners are some of the best in the cloth diapering world. They are absorbant enough to be used alone with no cloth liners! This makes them great for vacation and trips out of the house. The gDiaper covers, unfortunately are lined with cloth and are not reusable if they get wet or poopy. The snap in liner is supposed to protect the shell, but it doesn't always do it's job right. So, you're going to need more than 2 covers if you're using the gDiaper system for full time. I also found, that the disposable liners do not do a great job at containing EBF runny poop. But they do great with pees. The liners are more expensive than disposables, but a little better for the environment. You can use these liners in other brand shells as well.

Los Angeles, CA


great "just trying it out" investment!


gDiapers are amazing. I LOVE them. This set is perfect for the person who is kind of on-the-fence about whether or not to go cloth! It gives you options. You can go all cloth, or use the disposable inserts when you are on-the-go. In my experience, we get fewer leaks with g's than we do with disposable diapers, with the exception of night time. G's hold the blow outs much better, but do not hold as much pee. You can use two disposable inserts at night time for superior protection, if you want to use them 24/7. If you decide to use g's, you'll need more than two in your stash, but this is great for someone just trying it out, or to add to your collection! :)

Lima, OH


Gdiapers Gdiapers Flushable Diaper Starter Kit

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