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Gateway desktop computer

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i love my computer i am on it all the tiem!


I play my games on line and i also have a journal on here. i like how you can set it up that you have to have a password to get on here and stuff.. my kids are safe on this computer. my son can get on hjere and be able to search the web and me be able to see where he's been. when you call gateway for help they can always give you the help that you need or tell you what to try to do to solve the problem without taking it into the store

Mount Morris, MI


Phoenix Cme and product support is terrible


I purchased my computer from Gateway because I thought they would always support their product. Much to my dismay, their Phoenix Cme went on the blink and I needed support. It is as if Phoenix never existed. Couldn't find them online nor by searching Phoenix on the Gateway site. It's amazing to me that Phoenix Cme would be all over the place when you sign on  and the company doesn't even exist anymore or can't be found. I'm so tired of these computer companies outsourcing their work and hardware so they don't have to answer to problems that come up. "Oh, that was built by Phoenix, call them".....ya right. The next computer I buy will be a Mac which is supported, built and maintained by Mac. I will have to make the change.....

Las Vegas, NV


3 years and still going


I can't live without my computer. For years now I have enjoyed the daily use of a computer. I have gradually moved towards doing almost everything online. About 3 years ago I bought a Gateway computer. I had never had one before. This Gateway GT5028 personal computer is 3 years old and still going. It is an AMD Atlon 64X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ with 1024 MB DDR dual channel memory. It has 250 GB HD and a 9 in 1 memory card media center edition. It has worked well for the time I have had it compared to others I have purchased in the past. I do my email, I sell on Ebay, I use it to surf the internet, I  play games, I print coupons,  I do online banking, I do my online trading , I shop and make purchases, I store and print my pictures, and my daughter uses it for school work and projects. I have enjoyed it and gotten a lot of use out of it. I have only one small complaint and that is the sounds it makes from time to time. When it is busy pricessing... it seems to be a little louder than most other computers I have used. I would still recommend this computer as a good one for the cost.  

Thomasville, NC


Impossible to upgrade video card!


Bought this PC for my son 2 yrs ago. Worked fine first yearl. Red started going off occasionally a few months ago. Bought 3 different graphics card that were ALL compatible. The onboard, integrated Nvidia would never disable, although 5 different PC repairmen tried. Updated bios, everything. Would NEVER work. So now we are stuck with a 2 yr old system with no red! This problem is all over the internet, yet Gateway refuses to acknowledge it through any kind of recall or repair/replacement of the motherboard.

Vidor, TX


Good value and bang for the budget.!!


This Gateway has alot of features for the relatively budget pricetag. An another gig of memory and it becomes a good all around worker. Not a computer for heavy gamers. Relatively quick with abundant storage. Dual processor seems to shine when heavy loads of multi-taking are taxing the system. Good machine for the family or office. Very capable doing what is required. Fairly quiet ..... no problems so far.

Inman, SC


Gateway desktop computer

3.2 5