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Gateway Notebook PC

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Good laptop


I recently bought a Gateway NV78 laptop. I have had it for three months now and in general I would say that it was good for me to buy it. I got a good deal talking about price and I am satisfied with my Gateway. It has a big hard drive and the speed of the Intel 2 Core processor is good for my needs. Talking about negative things I would say that the sound is not very powerful. Sometimes is hard to listen to some things. I have also a problem with Window Live Messenger, which was preinstalled. I am having some problems with its sound features. Maybe it is a Microsoft problem, I do not know. The DVD burnes works well. I have not had any problems until now. No failures. The only problem is that sometimes the DVDs that I burn with my Gateway I cannot use them in my Philips DVD player. It must be a problem of compatibility. But in general I would recommend this Laptop. It has a big screen 17 inches and the screen quality is really good.

Decatur, GA


Amazing laptop - has been great!


I have had my Gateway NV78 for about a year now, and it has been absolutely terrific!  Soem people might not like how big it is - in the store it seemed to be a little bigger than most laptops, but once I brought it home, it was massive!  Personally, I like that, but not everyone does.  This occassionally makes it difficult to transport, but I mainly use it around the house anyway.  It is big because it has a large screen, plus a large keyboard with a side number pad (great feature for a laptop).  The screen resoution and quality are tremendous as well.  HD videos look amazing on this thing.  The built-in wireless internet has been fantastic as well, always connecting at high speeds.  The cord to plus into a power source is extra long too, which is great for those occasional spots where you need it.  Overall, this laptop has been amazing and I have had no real complaints.  I would highly recommend this laptop to anyone!

Highland Park, IL


I absolutely LOVE my Gateway NV78!


I got my Gateway NV78 laptop in January.  It is absolutely fabulous!!!  It has Windows 7 on it, which I love.  It is so easy to navigate.  I like the ability to split my screen, zoom out or in with my fingers on the touch pad, scroll up and down with the touch pad, etc.  I spend at least 6 hours a day on my laptop at home.  Having the wireless capability built in is also a plus.  I can use my laptop wherever there is WiFi :-)  I have NO complaints about this computer! 

Macomb, MI


Gateway NV78 is a horrible choice


Me and my boyfriend bought the Gateway NV78 in nov of 09. Bought with a credit card. Probbly the worst decision we ever made! It has bein into the shop to get a new hardrive 2 times and to fix the touch control buttons on the keyboard! the place we bought it from said that after they send it out to gateway 4 times they would give us a new one.  the last time we took it to get fixed the guy said that most likely it is a reppative problem and will keep happeneing so hopefully we can get a new one very soon! pretty much everything else about the computer is good it just stops working out of no were. i love the size of the computer since i play games on it. i also love having the extra calculator number set up on the keyboard which most laptops do not have.  also the keyboard does not liht up so unless your sitting in a room with some light you cant see anything and thats bad for me because my boyfriend tends to watch tv in the dark at night which leaves me with no way of seeing the keyboard.  So i would not reccomend anyone buying this computer

Pittsburgh, PA


I would recommend the Gateway NV78 to experienced laptop user.


I was looking for a replacement laptop for sometime. My minimum requirements included a large hard drive and alot of memory as I telecommute from home using the internet to connect to my company. My daily work is generated from email and telephone requests, so the larger resolution screen is nice as I've been squinting at a 12" screen for several years. Each email is saved and I log all of my instant messages, therefore needing hard drive space for all of my saves. My side busienss is designing websites and publishing newsletters for non profit organizations, so its important to have the ability to work with alot of graphics - hence the need for the extra memory. I usually run 12-15 programs at once on the laptop and having it not lag is extremely important, especially when I am uploading web pages I am still getting used to the expanded keyboard and the shortcuts, but overall the laptop has met my needs.      

Goodrich, MI


Gateway Notebook PC

3.8 5