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Gateway M6847 Notebook PC

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I had a Dell insperation and it was awful!! broke multiple times within 2 yrs. my bf has an hp and has had lots of problems with it. i however havent had any problems with my gateway. i wanted it because i was sick of dell and it was something different.

Huntsville, TX


I loved it when I purchased it,but grow more disappointed daily.


I fell in love with my Gateway laptop in the store, but I have grown more and more disappointed with it daily. This laptop was a late birthday present from my husband, and is  a little over a year old now. The keys are wearing off A,S,D,E,C, and L keys all have white spots on them now. We often have to let the battery die completely in order to just get it to work again. This is my second Gateway and my first laptop, but I will not purchase another one. I wish I could be more specific, but I am not exactly computer savy. I hope this helps in some small way.

Cookeville, TN


Gateway M6847 Notebook PC

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