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GE Spacemaker 1.5 Cu Ft Over the Range Microwave Oven

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I would recommend this microwave


We were in a rush to purchase a new microwave for a kitchen remodel and am glad we picked this GE. It was not too expensive and it looks very classy. It heats well and has a rotating glass plate that turns the food. My favorite feature is the quick start which can be set by pressing the "1" for 1 minute, "2" for 2 minutes, etc. And it has a 30 second button which I also use quite often. There are settings for certain foods, such as popcorn and potatoes. I don't use them, but its nice to have the option. There is also an optional metal rack that can be used if you need to cook more than 1 item at a time. I love this feature for heating up several leftovers at once for a quick dinner. Ease of Cleaning I love the look of the stainless steel, however it can be hard to keep clean. It does show every fingerprint.



The GE Spacemaker does just that!


I love the counter space I saved by choosing the GE Spacemaker. It has all the features you could possible want in a microwave including a turntable, wire rack, "add 30 seconds" button, express buttons that allow you to warm things with one push of a button, and a two-level light for over the range. It's powerful, so you have to take that into account when using it. The only down-side is that it's a little harder to reach when cleaning if you're short like me, but it wipes clean with just a wet, soapy cloth. Performance It does everything I need it to do and then some. Settings/Features It has many features I had never seen on a microwave. I love the extras! Ease of Cleaning Comes clean easily, but it may be a little hard to reach the deepest parts. Ease of Use It's simple. Durability It's held up fine for the year that I've had it. Design I love the look of it and the fact that it doesn't take up counter space.

Lexington, NC


GE Microwave broke after 14 Months of use


At first I really loved our GE Spacemaker 1.5 cubic ft. Over-the Range Microwave Oven, that is, until it died after just 14 months of use...I am so glad we kept the old oven as a spare! We had been thinking about donating the old oven just a week before the GE microwave died. I really believe that a modern appliance should last longer than 14 months but this one did not. When customers buy appliances, they really should be able to use that appliance for at least a few years! It used to be that customers could count on an appliance lasting for at least 5 years, maybe even an entire decade. It's too bad that so many appliances are designed to be throw away items. We did bring it to a local vocational High School with to try to have it fixed. Local vocational High Schools are excellent places to go during this economic downturn. The students gain real life experience and it's much cheaper than a traditional repair shop. Just be prepared for a longer wait, don't expect to drop an item off on a Friday afternoon and think that you can pick it up on the following Tuesday afternoon. It is economical but not speedy. We were told that even after a new part was ordered, it could not be fixed. We were told it would be a good idea to just buy a new one. Here are the facts about this particular model for those people who feel like taking a chance on this same model. Perhaps it will work out better for someone else. Some people get lemons for cars, apparently, we got a lemon for a GE Spacemaker model # HVM1540LNCS. 1.5 cu. ft. capacity 950 watts Auto and Time defrost Turntable 10 power levels Removable Oven Rack 2 Speed, 300 CFM Venting syetem to remove smoke and steam. I really wish that I had a more positive review for this Microwave. The fact that it did not last more than 14 months is the reason for my 1 star review. I really hope that others have better luck with this microwave. Perhaps we just got a lemon. We do have a GE 30 inch Freestanding Gas Range, Model JGB290MENBS which was purchased at the same time. That stove is still going strong and I have given it a much more positive review. Performance It really should have lasted longer than 14 months! That is not good if a microwave from a major manufacturer lasts just over 1 year. We purchased a Maytag to replace it and we've been happy with its replacement. I don't think I will ever buy another G.E. microwave because this one died after about a year. Settings/Features While it lasted, we did like the settings and features on this G.E. microwave. It was a 950 Watt model with 10 power settings and a turntable. I'm hoping that this particular microwave was a fluke, a lemon. We own a G.E. stove and a G.E. fridge too so I'm really hoping that they last much longer than the microwave. Ease of Cleaning It was easy to clean. It's too bad that it did not last longer than about 14 months. Ease of Use While it was working, for about 14 months, it was easy enough to use. When it died I was extremely disappointed. Durability No, it was not a durable item at all. It barely lasted 14 months and that is horrible for an appliance from a well known appliance manufacturer. I really thought that G.E. made much more durable microwaves but I was completely wrong. So far our refrigerator and our oven are doing well and they were both purchased at the same time. Design Well, while it lasted it was a good microwave but it died after just 14 months so that makes me wonder if it had a major design flaw. Since it died after just 14 months, I can't give it the most positive review.

Plymouth, MA


GE Spacemaker 1.5 Cu Ft Over the Range Microwave Oven

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