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GE Capital Retail Bank - Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card

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I like having my GE Capital Retail Bank - Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card for shopping in my local Sam's Club. My credit is not the best, but I was approved for this card, so I believe it is an easier to obtain card since it can only be used for purchases in Sam's Club as well as Wal-Mart. Sam's Club does not take Visa, which is the credit card I carry and I do not always carry cash with me, so using the GE Capital Retail Bank - Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card. This card can also be used when purchasing gas at the Sam's Club gas station (they do not accept Visa at the gas station either). I have found the interest rate to be higher than some, 14.99% so I suggest paying your balance in full each month, or as much as possible, to avoid high interest fees. There is no annual fee for the GE Capital Retail Bank - Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card, which is important to me as I do not want to pay extra for the service. Overall, for the convenience, I recommend the GE Capital Retail Bank - Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card to anyone who shops at Sam's Club.




Great for Shopping


I love having this credit card! Years ago, Sam's did not take any credit cards that I owned, so I always had to make sure I had enough cash with me to do my shopping. And you know that when you go to Sam's Club, you always end up buying more than what is on your list. With this card, I am able to purchase whatever I need while at the store without having to count $ while shopping. I can even fill my tank at their gas pumps without having to use my membership card and a credit card. With this, you don't need two cards at the pump. I've never had any problems using this card in the store. Billing statements are easy to read and are always mailed to me with more than enough time to pay my bill in a timely manner. Interest rates are high, so make sure to pay you bill in full whenever you use it. Customer Service I'll give this card a 10 only because I've never encountered any problems since beginning to use it. Available Rates All credit cards have high interest rates and this one is no different. I always make sure to pay my balance in full whenever I use it so it does not cost me anything to have.




Sams club consumer credit sucks.


I applied for and recieved the SAms Club Consumer Credit card over a year ago. While I enjoy the convenience of having this, and being able to use it at both Walmart and Sam's Club, the credit card company itself sucks. I had it for over a year, at a 300.oo credit limit, paid on time every month, paying more than the minimum balance every month, with no missed payments, then out of the blue, I get a notice saying that my credit limit has been reduced, based "on information contained in my consumer credit file". When I called the company to find out about this, was told that they periodically review consumer credit files, no matter your history with them, and may lower or reduce credit limits absed on what they find. I find this to be totally unfair since, limit decrease or increase should be based on your history with their particular card. When I talked to a customer service rep, there was no leeway.


Chipley, FL


Don't Play it Again, Sam


Sam's Club is a popular place for shoppers looking for bargains and, like other warehouse clubs, it is known for offering some very good deals on bulk purchases. However, Sam's Club is somewhat limited in its methods for payment and one of the options it promotes for payment is the **Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card.** Is this card worth consideration? Let's take a look:**Credit Commentary:** Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card is a store credit card and it offers benefits similar to those that you get when you use other store- brand credit cards, like no annual fee, automatic renewal, etc. It also makes annual renewal easy and convenient because your annual Sam's Club dues will post automatically to your Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card account each year. Other benefits of the Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card include its fraud liability protection in case your card is lost or stolen and the use of the Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card as your Sam's Club member card. This makes shopping a little more convenient because you don't have to carry both cards in your pocketbook. This credit card can also be used in Wal- Mart stores, so it is good for those who frequently visit this large retail operation. Sam's Club is a private club that restricts most of its services to members only. Once you join Sam's Club and pay your dues, it is only a matter of time until you get an offer to sign up for a Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card or one of Sam's other credit card offers, like the Sam's Club Discover card. But the Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card is usually the first credit card offered to members and to make the addition of this credit card to your pocketbook worth your trouble, Sam's Club usually offers a few additional promotions to its credit card holders, like special promos on specific merchandise, special holiday deals, and special discounts on general purchases. These go beyond the offers normally extended to members and they are better than nothing. However, they do not compare to the advantages and special perks that come with other store credit cards. Just to offer one quick example, my Kohl's store charge card offers all sorts of great cash discounts, like 20 to 30 percent off purchases, and I get these offers every month. The special offers for Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card members are few and far between, and the percentage discount offers are not very generous.  Sam's Clubs do not accept many different forms of payment and this could make the Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card a necessity if you plan to shop at Sam's Club on a consistent basis. Sam's Clubs do not accept several of the major credit cards (like American Express and Visa), greatly limiting the means for making an in- store payment at the check- out. So, if you are a Sam's Club member and want to make purchases quickly using the convenience of credit, you may have no other choice but to sign up for this or one of Sam's Club's other credit cards. Interest rates on the Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card are a little higher than other credit cards, but they are right in line with what you pay with most other store credit cards. Like other store credit cards, it is best to pay the balance in full each month to avoid these high finance charges. The present rates vary by state, but one can except to pay a rate of about 18 to 21 percent. Fail to make your payment in a timely manner and you can expect your interest rate to jump to about 28 percent from that point forward- until the entire balance is paid in full. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card doesn't offer many good reasons for members to consider using it for Sam's Club purchases. It is true that there is no annual fee, gasoline purchases are inexpensive and easy to make, and the card makes shopping at Sam's Clubs more convenient. But when you look at the minimal benefits to cardholders and the high interest, Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card just doesn't have many great things to offer. It is a credit card that I do not recommend unless you like to shop at Sam's Club frequently and have no other usable credit card.


Houston, TX


GE Capital Retail Bank - Sam's Club Advantage Member Credit Card

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