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GE Adora JGBP87MEM Gas Range

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The best oven ever!


We purchased this oven in December of 2012. Since then, we have looked for any possible reason to use it! It is beautiful and works wonderfully. I have never had a convection oven before, but can see what I was missing. Things seem to cook so much better! We also love the color of this oven. It is a slate color - which is awesome because you don't see fingerprints! We have a little one on the way, so this is a great feature to have! This oven also has five burners. I never knew that we needed five burners, but was pleasantly surprised with this oven. We have used the middle burner, which is very large. We have used this burner for things like stir fry and pancakes. The oven even comes with a griddle. We love this feature. The front burner also goes to 17,000 BTU. We can boil within a matter of a couple minutes. I love this! It has cut down on cooking time significantly.



GE Adora JGBP87MEM Gas Range

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