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Frigidaire Stainless Steel 1000 Watts Microwave Oven

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Hot and Good!


So how do you review a microwave oven? It should be a pretty basic thing, right? Does it heat your food? Yes or no and end of story, right? But not anymore. Microwaves have so many preset options and bells and whistles these days, it's good to know which ones are there and which ones aren't and which ones are worthwhile and which ones are not worthwhile. The Frigidaire FGMV185KF has great bells and whistles and preset options! We love ours! It defrosts food beautifully! I've thawed so many different frozen meat items and so many frozen vegetable options and each thing comes out perfectly thawed, but not cooked, just ready for me to cook how I want to. That's great! I even love the popcorn button because it provides an option for the mini bags of popcorn. How cool is that? So this is a great microwave!

Fort Wayne, IN


Frigidaire Over-the-Range Microwave


This is a great product for the cost. We bought it as part of a special running at HHGregg, and we are so happy with our purchase! We had to install it ourselves, as we were renovating our kitchen and did not have a cabinet to mount it to at the time of our purchase, but it was easy for my boyfriend and I to install ourselves. The design is nice and sleek, and sits beautifully over our Frigidaire Gallery smooth-top range. The fan/vent option works well and is not too loud, and does a great job of clearing out any smoke that results from using our stove and oven. The buttons are easy to use and have several quick start options available. When the microwave runs it is not too loud, and you can silence the buttons and any beeping if you want to. The interior is easy to clean and the turn table is dishwasher safe. There is plenty of space inside, and every container we have attempted to put in the microwave has fit without difficulty.

Wilmington, NC


Wonderful Look and All The Features You Want


We recently replaced a 16 year old microwave with this one.  We couldn't be happier.  It looks amazing and has every feature we could imagine.   It was extremely easy to install for my moderately adapt do it yourself husband.  It was extremely easy to figure out how to use even if you aren't the kind of person to read the manual. The interior is large and roomy and very easy to keep clean.  The only feature I am taking time to get used to is the beeper for when an item is done or even when the timer goes off.  It never stops until you turn it off or open the door.  There is an option to have no beeper but then you don't know when it is done unless you can hear it stop running.  While I want it to beep when done I would really love it shut off after two or three rounds of beeps - sometimes we are distracted and have to answer the phone or do something else and it becomes really irritating to hear it beeping when you are busy and can't get right back to it. I  also love that it comes as part of a line.  We already had the Gallery dishwasher and our next applicance purchase may be the coordinating range.

Orlando, FL


Frigidaire Stainless Steel 1000 Watts Microwave Oven

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