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Frigidaire Pint Dehumidifier

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Nice Dehumidifier


I live in a very wet area and as a result mold and mildew easy accumulates in the home. A Dehumidifier is a necessity. Since using this one in our basement, the mold and mildew hasn't been a problem. It comes with a high price tag that I wish could be lowered a bit, but it's worth the money you pay. I don't recommend using this is a smaller room. We used this for a few days in a 12x12 room and it made the room hot and the air stuffy. If you have to have a dehumidifier for a small room, get a smaller one. This unit sounds like a fan, which I quite enjoy the noise when sitting quietly to myself, but I don't recommend you try having a conversation, listening to music, or watching TV with the unit unless you are used to the sound of a fan running. Effectiveness This is very effective in our basement. We had it in our smaller bedroom but the environment felt very odd after we used it in there for a few days. Safety Never had any worries regarding safety with this. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to empty. Durability We've only had ours for a few months, but other people I know have had to get a new one every few years. Design Very clean and sleek looking design. It's easy to empty having two options to do so. I had to contact Frigidaire company to get the drainage kit. I did it via their website.




Very Good Product


This is a great product. It really does the job. We have numerous fish tanks in our home so they tend to let off a lot of humidity, not to mention we live in Texas which in it's self alone is a very humid place. This product has a timer, a fan speed selection and even the option to set what humidity level your living space has. It has a 25 pint capacity and even lets you know when it is full. Very easy to empty and clean. Both my boys ages 10 and 13 know how to operate it and how to empty and clean. It also doesn't take up much space. Overall I am very pleased with this. Effectiveness Does the job well. Safety There doesn't seem to be any safety issues with this product. Ease of Cleaning This machine lets you know when it is full, and it is very ease to dump out the water, clean and replace back. Durability As long as you don't sit on it, lol. It is constructed well. Design Overall it is very easy on the eyes, white so goes with any decor. Doesn't take up much space.


San Antonio, TX


Frigidaire Model FDD25S1 is a great way to cut down the humidity


My husband bought the Frigidaire Model FDD25S1 several months ago for our master bathroom.  Our bathroom has very poor air circulation; even though we installed a vent, the bathroom stays humid after every shower.  The humidity was causing our bathroom ceiling to mildew, so we bought the dehumidifier.  This one holds 25 pints and has an electronic display on the top.  It also allows you to set the humidity level that you wish to have, and it will run until the room reaches that humidity level.  This dehumidifier will also turn off then back on if the humidity level rises again.  The dehumidifier is easy to empty and has a light that shows when the tray is full.  We have been very impressed with how dry the bathroom has stayed since we purchased the dehumidifier.  We have had no problems with mildew (or with towels drying, for that matter).  I would definitely recommend this dehumidifier. 


Tulsa, OK


Frigidaire Pint Dehumidifier

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