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Frigidaire Compact Refrigerator

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Very Good fridge.


My sister bought this four years ago to take to college and I have had it for the past two years. It still works great! I really like that it has a separate freezer. I use the freezer to store ice packs, ice cubes in the summer (no ac in the dorms) and home cooked meals my mom sent back with me. Noise Level Most of the time you can not hear anything at all and once in a while the motor will turn on an you notice it but pretty quickly forget about it as it becomes a low background noise. Interior Organization The inside has one clear draw that we keep fruit in and one glass removable shelf. We don't use the shelf back we keep milk in it and milk won't fit on the self and you should never keep milk on the door. On the door it has one long self on the bottom and two staggered shelves near the top. Temperature Control The temperature control is inside on the back wall and can be set from OFF to 6. When it is set at 6, things tend to freeze if they are near the back of the fridge so we keep it at 4.5-5. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean, just turn it off for 12-24 hours and wipe clean. We clean it about twice a year. Durability So far it has lasted great for 4 years! Design Really love the design, it is black and sliver but not stainless steel so it is magnetic which is great!




Frigidaire compact: great fridge for a small apartment


I moved into a new apartment with a mini-fridge and no freezer. I needed extra fridge space and a real freezer, not one of those tiny compartments at the top of a mini-fridge. This has that, and does the job. My only complaint is that sometimes food at the back of the fridge section, against the back wall, can freeze. But better too cold than not cold enough. It's not too big, but does the work of a full-size fridge. If you only need afridge for a couple of people, or to supplement another fridge, this is a great choice. The black and silver look great and complement any decor, really. The freezer can grow some frost but you can scrape it off easily. Freezer ice super quickly and keeps frozen foods frozen!


New York, NY


A compact refrigerator/freezer that works


The **Frigidaire 3.1 Cu. Ct. Compact Refrigerator** has plenty of storage for snacks and drinks, and it includes a can rack too! It has a dial control with 7 settings, so it's really easy to adjust the temperature. The silver finish gives the compact fridge a nicer look to it, so it wouldn't be out of place in a nicer home. A plus is the freezer. Plenty of space for ice and frozen foods!


Chicago, IL


Frigidaire Compact Refrigerator

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