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Avanti Compact Refrigerator

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Compact for College


My feeling on this is i have another son who will need one for next year and i will purchase another one for his dorm also. This was a great buy. Noise Level What noise level? No problems here with the motor. Its very quiet. My son has it 2 feet from his bed and never have had a problem with it. Interior Organization plenty of space inside Temperature Control perfect Ease of Cleaning Nothing more then a damp cloth is needed for this little fridge. But also have used a non abrasive cleaner on it with no problems. Durability Has been tossed from place to place without a single loose screw Design sleek and smooth. I loved the look but i let my son pick it out. We needed something he could lug to his new dorm.

Louisville, KY


Nice Price, Great Product!


I think this mini fridge works quite well for mild everyday use. I keep it in my classroom and store soda and my lunch everyday. There isn't much opening and closing going on (roughly 3-4 times/day), but it keeps things cold. Noise is not an issue at all and I feel like the seal is decent. It should not be heavily used as an apartment refrigerator as the suction seal around the door isn't amazing, but mild use is fine.

Lisle, IL


Avanti Compact Refrigerator


This review is for the EC15W Avanti compact refrigerator. It is 1.5 cubic feet and is only a refrigerator; it does not have a seperate compartment for a freezer. It is advertised with "quiet thermoelectric cooling technology" but mine was loud as heck. The fan inside the refrigerator got loose or something and started vibrating. You could hear the noise coming from inside the refrigerator. I used this refrigerator model in my dorm room which is not the largest room. The noise was unbearable; however, the need for refrigerated food and drink was too great. There is room in the door for a two liter soda and some other drinks. The inside has a shelf so you can store more things. However, you will lose the ability to put big things, such as gallons of milk, inside there. The door is reversible so you can change the way it opens depending on the surrounding furniture. Overall, if you really need a fridge and but really have no other choice then this one is decent.

Elmhurst, NY


The forever fridge!


This is honestly one of the best purchases EVER. I can't say enough about this refrigerator's durability and longevity, other than to tell you that it survived four years at college with me, four years at college with my little sister, six years at my office, and now is still cooling away in my son's nursery. For something that we bought when I was a college freshman in 1997, this thing is amazing!! Of course, over the years, it's had its ups and downs. The freezer door broke off sometime in the early 2000s, and the freezer itself gets iced over on a regular basis, but the fact that it's still going strong almost 14 years after we bought it is just incredible to me. It's easy to clean, easy to transport, and a perfect size for a small space. As a new breastfeeding mom, it's the perfect fit for my son's room when I pump in the middle of the night and don't feel like running downstairs to the kitchen. From Zima (haha!) to breastmilk (that's something I never thought I'd type!), it's worked for every stage of life!

Pittsburgh, PA




I got this compact refrigerator to see if I could save money on electricity since it says it has a very efficient compressor that consumes very little(unlike my bg refrigerator that consumes about a kilowatt when it turns on),and found it to be a very good an efficients product,that worked quietly and did everything it was advertised to do.The compressor makes no noise at all(compared to big,energy gussling refrigerator),it makes ice pretty good and fast and the only thing that comsumes less energy is my thermoelectric instant cooler but that also has its drawbacks..The door shuts pretty consistently,the thermostat adjust pretty well to changes in atmospheric pressure without ant noise and in a consistant manner.The quality of the paint is great,the shelves are well made,and the materials seem very resistant to corrosion(live close to sea).It does its work as quietly and energy efficient as one can get,and uses very little space,one can pack almost all items of big refrigerator on it.>Also have avanti dryer and washer and have found t is a good brand to trust.Recommend this refrigerator and for the price and economy nothing can beat it.The item is a good new world item for the preson wanting to save on all.

Miami, FL


Avanti Compact Refrigerator

4.4 5