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Frigidaire 17.1 cu. ft. Freezer #FPUH17D7KF

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Great spacious freezer, but it can get noisy


This is exactly what we needed. We bought this replace an 15 year old freezer and I couldn't be happier. One of the biggest positives for me is the fact that it's self defrosting. I know that's not a new concept, but it's a breath of fresh air for me. It's brightly lit, spacious, customizable and dependable. My family buys in bulk so we need a dedicated freezer for all the meat and the like. Accessing all my items is very easy, and the door drawers are very convenient for smaller items. The only point of contention I have is with the noises it makes. I imagine that's the defroster working which is good, but it can really be distracting. If you buy this model make sure you keep it in a place where the noise won't bother you.

Chicago, IL


This freezer was exactly what I wanted..


We like to buy in bulk whenever we can get food on a great sale. Last year we made the decision to add a freezer to the appliance list in our house. We were able to get a great deal on this freezer and the reviews on it were good, so we took the plunge and had it delivered the next day. The inside space in this freezer is very well designed. It holds a lot of food in all kinds of different sizes. We quickly filled it up and love it to this day. The slide out basket at the bottom is fantastic. The door is equipped with all kinds of shelves that make it easy to store smaller items and get the most out of the freezer that we can. The best thing about the freezer to me is that I don't have to thaw it out like we used to have to do the old ones we have had. The temperature stays steady and the food stays cold. Frigidaire even made a feature to have it whistle at you if the door is left open for too long. Great freezer I highly recommend.

Huntersville, NC


Adds so much more space for those who always need it


This freezer has been great.  The size alone is perfect for my family of five especially since I am constantly needing space to store my sale items.  The space seems to be double that of most regular freezers and the width of the shelves make it easy to store over-sized items such as large frozen pizzas or large party platters when I have holiday or large get-togethers.  I love the two bottom drawers as it is easy to access everything and the side pull down baskets make organization just as easy.  Having this freezer in my kitchen has made it possible for me to fit everything I need in it without having to purchase a second freezer (even stuff for neighbors when they run out of room!).  I have combined this freezer with the frigidaire refrigerator and duotrim kit and all together, they are the best focal point in my kitchen and have made my kitchen seem professionally put-together (I did build a 6" box underneath the fridge/freezer since they are shorter than the usual sets and that make them seem bigger than the already are).

Huntley, IL


Frigidaire 17.1 cu. ft. Freezer #FPUH17D7KF

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