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For The Treatment Of Frequent Heartburn (Novartis)

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Prevacid 24HR


I love this medicine!!! I have been on prescription medicine for acid reflux for some time, and when it started not helping as much, my Dr. suggested I start taking the Prevacid 24HR and gave me a sample pak. I was reluctant that something over the counter was going to work, since my prescription wasn't, but I was absolutley AMAZED. I couldn't believe how much better I started to feel after a couple of days. Another plus, is that although the price on this is sometimes high, there seems to always be coupons out to absorb some of the costs. I couldn't survive without this!!! :)

Auburn, GA


Short Term Relief Only


I'm pregnant and suffering from severe heartburn. My doctor recommended taking this over the counter strength of prevacid. I noticed a significant improvement for the first couple of weeks, but began noticing a relapse of heartburn around day 15 or 16 of taking it. The heartburn has continued to get worse even though I'm continuing to take the prevacid once a day.

Orem, UT


For The Treatment Of Frequent Heartburn (Novartis)

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