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FoodSaver V2040 Vacuum Packaging System

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Not as good as my old model


I had an older FoodSaver that I used constantly until it died. I bought this one hoping it would work just as well. It does an ok job but sometimes it doesn't seal all the way across. That can be messy if I don't notice. If you have never owned a FoodSaver, they are totally worth having. I generally use it for leftovers. I can give them to my kids to take home for a nice meal. all they have to do is throw the bad into a pot of boiling water to reheat it and have a nice meal. Love the brand. Not sure I'm totally convinced that this model is the one I would choose again.


Oklahoma City, OK


Foodsaver V2040


I always recommended food savers to family and friends. My first one just wore out so we went out and bought a new one. Model V2040 it worked well until the lid push button lock assembly broke. The repair centers don't do this type of repair, they only do electrical ones. I tried buying the part from Foodsaver but I was told they don't sell these parts, I was very disappointed with the answers I got from them. The machines are being made cheaper now in my opinion, so buyer beware. I would no longer recommend the foodsaver band to anyone.


Nova Scotia


You actually have to USE the product!


I think the foodsave is a wonderful product. It sits on my microwave and has for years. I never remember to use it. I waste food and I swear this is my new years resolution. If I would only use it, I could save alot of left overs. I do think the bags are overpriced and I bet that is why I hesitate to use it. My best friend on the other hand runs her kitchen like a restaraunt. She bakes ahead, freezes meals, buys her cheese in huge bricks and she uses her foodsaver every single day. Here are some tips from her: If you are freezing baked goods such as muffins, then freeze them first and then use the food saver.  The items will not crush this way. If you have a bit of leftover cheese, foodsaver it. Nothing is too small. If you want to do spaghetti with a sauce, freeze in plastic containers, and then pop them out, foodsaver the item in the bag and then you can boil a bag.  If you buy in meat bulk, make sure to actually divide the meat and food saver it as soon as you get home from the grocery store. That way, the food is not wasted. Great product, if you will actually DO IT!


Rock Springs, WY


Ziploc bags work better


I was disappointed with this unit.  It never seemed to fully finish removing the air, time consuming to load...reload, etc.  I could not tell you how many times I got something out of the freezer and found that air had got in the bag and I had freezer burn.  I went back to ziplocs and seem to have better luck. 


Burlington, NC


Perfect for sending food to deployed soldiers


My husband and brother-in-law are both on their third deployments overseas and I recently purchased this for the expressed purpose of sending them food. A lot of the time they're down range and don't get to their food in a timely manner so, very often, they're choking down stale treats by the time they get back to their mail. This has allowed me to send them treats that are still fresh when they manage to get back to their "home" station, and their ability to enjoy the treats I've made for them, while they're still "fresh", means so much to me.


Rock Island, IL


This is a lifesaver


Since purchasing this appliance I frequently buy family packs of meat and break them down into serving sizes that I will use throughout the week. For instance, I will buy 5 pound chubs of hamburger and break them into Five 1 pound packs and vacuum seal them or I will buy a family pack of chicken breasts and break them into 2 breast packages to use for casseroles. This has saved me so much time and money.  Now in the morning I lay out the package of meat that I will cook at night. No hassle, no waste and extra money back into my family budget. This is definitely a MUST BUY.


Stockbridge, GA


Buy a FoodSaver


I love my FoodSaver V2040 Vacuum Packaging System. I bought my first FoodSaver Vacuum system over 20 years ago. After 12 years of hard work it finally gave out because I got water in the vacuum chambers. I immediately went out and bought the FoodSaver V2040 Vacuum Packaging System to replace it. I knew I wanted another FoodSaver because it is such a good quality product no matter which model you buy. It is so great at saving money by letting you freeze left overs and buying in bulk. Being a busy person I make multiple meals on the weekends and freeze them for the week. Came in handy during this holiday time. I was getting so tired of turkey dinners, now I can vacuum the Thanksgiving leftovers and have them much later. I am not a great fan of the canisters. They work I just don't like the extra space they take up when there is just a little left in them. Also remember to freeze any items that have liquids first before vacuuming so you do not ruin your great unit.


Beverly Hills, CA


Food Saver--really works!


I received a **FoodSaver V2040 Vacuum Packaging System **for Christmas a few years ago and I really like it!  I have used it to freeze leftover turkey, other meats, and vegetables.  It's nice to be able to go to my freezer and thaw out something for a quick dinner.  I don't have to feel guilty any more about throwing out food just because I had not way to preserve it for future use.


Concord, NC


FoodSaver V2040 Vacuum Packaging System

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