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Home Remedy - Flour
Flour - Browned Flour for Diaper Rash

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Quick Write This Down Before It Is Gone Forever!


In this day when so many people are addicted to technology, some of the simple blessings of life are getting lost in the shuffle. One of these wonderful things is the solution to diaper rash by browning flour. I had forgotten my son's diaper rash cream once while taking a trip to visit my in-laws and was very stressed out. He had a horrific diaper rash and the only thing that worked was the cream I had been using. It was very hard to find and nothing else worked. My mother in law quickly ran into the kitchen and began to cook some flour. I thought she was nuts, but it worked! Performance In making browned flour, all you do is put some flour in a pan, and put the pan on very low heat. You gently cook the flour until it is brown in color and toasty in scent. Then you let it cool off and apply to baby's bottom like you would any other diaper powder. The results are wonderful! The browned flour works faster than most other over the counter products I have ever used, and it is usually pretty cheap to get too. I have had great results in just one or two days with it. You can use whole wheat or regular white/unbleached flour, the results are the same. I found myself using this once or twice, but using creams was easier on the go. However, having this knowledge is vital since many of these simple things that our ancestors knew are being lost over time.

Podunk, NY


works rather well


When my son was born 29 years ago, my grandmother would brown flour to use on his bottom for diaper rash. This works very well. It is just messy and can smell as the flour is browning in the pan. My grandmother recently passed away at age 91. And as her generation passes off the scene, a lot of the Home Remedies that they used and passed down will to us will go with them. I don't believe the younger generation has the attention span to try out home remedies. Also there are so mmany new products on the market as well as improvements in disposable diapers. Still if anyone really wants to save time and money they should try browning flour just a little. Let it cool and lightly brush on baby's tush. It works.

Roanoke, VA


Mimi's Buttrash Powder works wonders!


My daughter has always had issues with diaper rashes. I tried everything from Buttpaste to just airing her little butt out. One day my mother-in-law came over and I was just in tears. My daughter's butt was red and bleeding and she was screaming and I just didnt know what to do. She walked into my kitchen and I hear her fumbling around with things in there and then she started the stove. I walked in with my crying daughter to se what she was doing and she had flour in a skillet and she was cooking it. She told me to only cook it until it was just a golden brown and then I would have to let it cool down before I could put it on her bottom. So we let it cool and then put it on her diaper rash and she told me that by the next diaper change it would be at least 50% better. About and hour later I went to change my daughter because I was used to changing her every hour on the hour because of these diaper rashes and sure enough her little butt looked so much better. The bleeding had stopped and the redness was gone. I put more on her with the next diaper and when I changed it about an hour and a half later her but was completely clear. What a wonderful thing to know. Now I pre make about a half a bag of brown flour just to have ready at anytime I might need it. 

Independence, MO


Flour - Browned Flour for Diaper Rash

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