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Flip - SlideHD

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The Flip Slide HD is a must have for any family


We received the Flip Slide HD for a Christmas present this past year and love it more everyday. The touchscreen in very easy to use. We keep in in our diaper bag so that it is always convienent wether we are out or at home. Start up is quick so that we don't miss any of those fun, unexpected moments that our kids are always blessing us with. Just press the power button, and then press the record button, that's it. We have not had an opportunity where we have ran out of memory. But if you were on vacation (and had your laptop with you) you could easily download your videos to your computer and then keep capturing more memories. The flip as a USB connection on board so that you never have to worry about bring extra cables along with you. The software that comes with the Flip is great too. Easy to upload to Facebook to share video. It also has a feature where it will make your clips into a movie, taking all the tedious work out for you (perfect for my "busy mom" lifestyle). This is a must have for any family!


American Canyon, CA


Can't believe I didn't have this when they were babies!


I*** love ***this little camera! I've only had it for a month now but have used it everyday. I keep it right in my purse at all times. I love to video the kids 4, 6, and 14. I wish I had this when they were babies. It is so easy to use right out of the box. I can video up to 4 hours in HD! When it gets full I just plug it right into the laptop, no cords or anything to get lost. The FLIP software is the only reason I gave this camera four stars. It could be slightly more user friendly (at least have us software impaired people in mind). I have had it shut down on me a couple times. But after my husband downloaded some updates it worked just fine. I have easily put the video onto DVD a few times. It's so easy to create movies and just as easy to create stills out of the video. I have gotten some really great pictures from the videos. You can add background music as well to the movie, but just remember then it makes it difficult to hear anything that is going on. The picture is great. In high sunlight it is sometimes are to see what you are recording on the screen but the picture turns out great. Nice and crisp.        


Shakopee, MN


The Flip SlideHD is an Awesome Little Take Anywhere Camcorder!


My Flip SlideHD arrived quickly and directly from the manufacturer. Upon first opening the shipping box I was immediately impressed with the packaging. It was very compact and attractive.  I keep it in the original box when I am not shooting videos with it. The next thing that I noticed was how simple it was to use and right out of the box! There was no real instruction manual and at first this puzzled me.  The great thing is that it comes partially charged so you can start shooting right away!  The Flip SlideHD has a highly intuitive interface. I really like the touch screen interface and the slider bar when it is popped up into viewing mode. The video quality is great and it is easy to upload your videos to your PC or even the internet for sharing. The software is built into the device and it automatically detects your operating system (Windows or Mac) and installs itself so that you can begin reviewing and sharing your videos quickly and easily on your computer. The only con that I can think of is that it doesn't come with an HDMI cable for connect to the TV. This is sold seperately. All in all it is an excellent little HD camcorder for the price and you will want to take it with everywhere there is something worth shooting.


Gainesville, FL


Flip - SlideHD

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