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Fisher-Price Dual Private Connection Monitor with Dual Receivers, White

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I've been pretty satisfied with this baby monitor. I've tried several brands over the years, and this has been the best monitor we've used. It has pretty clear sound, is sensitive enough to pick up when we need to hear, and it looks nice. There are two problems we've run into. First, the battery life is not great. After a few months of use we had to just leave the receivers plugged in all the time. Second, we occassionally have some interference or crackling when we use them. I will say that the customer service is excellent, and Fisher Price really stands behind the product. I had to exchange one of the receivers, and they were great about taking care of us. I would recommend these monitors.


Naperville, IL


Great monitor, great price!


When we searched for a baby monitor, I wanted one that was realible, had lights and sound, and had rechargable batteries. A bonus would have been two recievers. I wanted to put one in our bed room, and one in our living space so I could hear my son anywhere in the house. I was so happy to have found all of my must haves and my want in the Fisher-Price Private Connection Monitor with Dual Recievers. We love this monitor system. The reception, although sometimes staticy, is great. I works next door and around the whole yard, making it easy to do things around the house, inside and out, without fear of not being able to hear my son. I love that there are lights so that when I think I heard crying, I can see it easily with the lights. The Fisher-Price Private Connection Monitor with Dual Recievers is great for anyone who wants the ease of two monitors to cover a bigger living space. Multiple channel choices was another big plus, especially since several of our neighboors have the same monitor. The Fisher-Price Private Connection Monitor with Dual Recievers would be a perfect gift for any new mom!


Indianapolis, IN


Bought new batteries rather than buying a different monitor!


I registered for the **Fisher-Price Private Connection Monitor with Dual Recievers **five years ago when I was expecting my first baby.  I didn't really know what I was looking for, so my husband did a little research to find one that wouldn't interfere with various wireless connections like cordless phones.  We have a large home and were just scared to death that we would be able to hear the baby crying, so at first the monitor went with us everywhere.  It picks up every little sound, so if you're one that wants to hear your baby breathing, you could probably hear it with this monitor when it is turned up all the way.  We eventually relaxed away from being so protective, but we still wanted to be able to hear him, so we turned the volume down almost all the way.  You can still hear just fine when the crying starts.  Ultimately we would just set the monitor where we could see it, and the red lights will indicate when there's a sounds.  And you'll learn to recognize what the lights look like when there's crying.  we have never had any problems with the monitor interefering with phone connection or picking up conversations of the neighbors.  And it works from a long ways off--sometimes I'll have it in the yard with me while I'm working and it works just fine.  When the batteries finally went kaput (after 3 years of almost constant use), we tried to buy more.  They aren't available for sale.  Rather than purchasing a different model that we might not like as much, we actually went to a battery store in town and had them build a battery for the thing!


Springfield, MO


Will do if you need an inexpensive baby monitor


This Fisher Price baby monitor is a decent  option if you are worried about cost.  It comes with two receivers which comes in handy.  I always keep one upstairs and one downstairs instead of worrying about carrying one around.  We've had this one for about a year and a half.  It works okay, you can hear your baby, but the main problem we've run into is also picking up a lot of static.  We also have picked up radio stations on it which can be very irritating anytime, but especially in the night when you are trying to sleep and keep your ears open for baby noises.  The battery life is not particularly long.  I've also noticed that if a cell phone is near it interferes with the reception.  On a whole this monitor does it's job okay.  It's nice to have the lights that go off as well as the sound.  It is small and light so it makes it easy to carry around or stick in your pocket.  It will do it's job okay if you need an inexpensive baby monitor. 


Kennewick, WA


Fisher Price Private Connection monitor was well worth it!


We purchased the Fisher Price Private Connection monitor with our son three years ago and are still using it today. It picks up every sound in his room which we really liked. One of my favorite features of this monitor is the lights. It is so convenient to put the monitor up next to the shower door while I'm showering and he's napping and I can tell by the lights if he's crying or not since the sound of the water may overpower the monitor. We enjoyed having two receivers so that we could keep them on opposite sides of the house. We did what FP instructed us not to do--we left them charging for a lot longer than we were supposed to--and it killed the battery. Now we have to keep it plugged in to use it, but that's okay with us. It mainly stays by our bed anyway. The compact size of the monitor is a big plus! For the small price that we paid for dual receivers, this monitor was well worth the money.


Southaven, MS


Great monitor


When my two and a half year old son was born, we got this monitor and really liked it for several reasons.  The reception was incredible to begin with.  I was able to hear him all the way out to our mailbox, which enabled me to do yard work and other outdoor activities while he was napping.  I also loved the lights because we could turn the volume down when we had guests or were watching a movie or something, but I could still see that he needed me without disturbing everyone else.  We recommended this monitor to our friends, who also purchased it.  When they came to visit us with their new son, they brought their monitor and the two monitors worked side by side with no interference as long as they were on different channels (there are 10 channels to choose from).  So we knew when we had our second child that we would get the same monitor.  We now have two monitors and four receivers floating around our house and haven't had ANY trouble with ANY of them.  Also the battery life is great if you keep it plugged up most of the time


Rocky Mount, NC


Great Product!!


I have nothing bad to say. This monitor is perfect. The range is perfect. The light feature is very helpful - i was so excited to be able to see the lights if they came on and still be able to take a shower! If there was a problem I saw it light up through the shower door. As a new mom I wanted to hear EVERY little noise. Now that im getting more comfortable with the mom role I can turn down the volume and still hear him when something is actually wrong. Great Product! I have heard complaints about the battery life. I use one receiver each night. When the other is not in use it is being charged. I have not had any problems with them. When your battery does go dead it beeps so you know it! Another good feature.


Granbury, TX


Good for the price


We bought this monitor so that we could give one to our son's babysitter.  We didn't want to spend a lot of money on a monitor for the babysitter since my son only sees her once or twice a week.  We did think that it was important for her to have something to hear him with as he was napping in another part of the house and she wouldn't have been able to hear him wake up.  This monitor was right in our price range plus we got a great deal with a coupon at a large chain baby store.  We recently began using this monitor at our home when we brought our second child home.  We wanted a monitor for each room.  I think that this monitor is better for a backup than it is for a constant use monitor.  However, it does serve it's purpose.  I like that you cannot only hear the baby on the speaker but you can also see noise with the lights on the front of the monitor.  I liked that I didn't have a lot of interference with this monitor unless I had it sitting right next to the computer.  However, I found that it didn't have a long range.  All in all a good product for the price. 


Arlington Heights, IL


I hardly ever used a baby monitor.


I have no specific complaints about the Fisher Price Baby Monitor.  This fact is probably because I HARDLY EVER USED IT.  If you don't use something, you don't learn what about it you don't like.  I kept my infant in my bedroom with me, so I didn't need the monitor at night.  The only time I would use it was at my baby's naptime; I would keep the monitor on a nightstand by her crib, and I would sit with the receiver at my desk, across the house.  Yes, it worked; if my baby started crying, the monitor would let me know.  The thing is though, I could hear my baby crying across the house anyway....so what use was the monitor.  There were a very few times that I went outside, enjoying a glass of wine on the patio, with the baby monitor after she was asleep.  Those few times, it did come in handy.  I could see it being useful if you have a VERY large house, or a two-story, or you have your baby sleeping in a separate room.  In my situation, it was really a waste of money for how often it was used.  


Las Cruces, NM


Outstanding Monitor


I absolutely love the Fisher Price Baby Monitor.  My son is almost 2 years and we have used the Fisher Price Baby Monitor from the day that we moved our son into his nursery.  My Fisher Price Baby Monitor came with two monitors - one I leave in our bedroom at all times, and one my husband and I take with us when our son is taking a nap during the day.  We always keep the monitor in the bedroom plugged up.  What I absolutely love about the Fisher Price monitor is that it has both sound capability and a light indicator.  As a first time mom, I loved to lie in the bed at night and listen to my son coo in the nursery.  It was comforting to know that he was okay - especially after making the transition from the cradle to the crib.  Now at two years of age and extremely mobile, we still use our Fisher Price monitor every night.  I have the volume turned down almost completely and we use the lights to let us know if he is up and about in his room.  I plan on using the Fisher Price Baby Monitor for my next child.


Mount Pleasant, NC


Fisher-Price Dual Private Connection Monitor with Dual Receivers, White

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